February highlights.

Being so excited for Valentine’s Day.

Building a gigantic boat/fort in your bedroom out of sheets.

Waking up early and preparing Valentine’s. It was five days before that made it even better.

Letting another girl scout take a cookie order because she had more cookies to sell.

Picking out clams in garlic butter sauce for Valentine’s Day

Making a model clam habitat from the clam shells.

Cutting off over eleven, close to twelve, inches of hair! Combing your hair constantly for the first three or so days and commenting on how knot free it now was.

Reading the Reader’s Digest.

Asking if Daddy will get me three dozen roses for an anniversary in the future.

Not letting me convince you to stay little forever.

Sitting in a chair the entire brownie cookie booth.

Playing your recorder for Poppy. It would calm her down for a little bit and help her stop fussing.

Practicing your recorder randomly during the day.

Not wanting to deliver the last box of girl scout cookies we had left. You pouted for half an hour at park day, until I had you hand a pen for her to write a check.

Doing dishes the week I was busy delivering Girl Scout Cookies with the girls during the day, and being gone at dance lessons or girl scouts at night.

Kissing me and telling me I had a “Kiss me look.” I tried to recreate it very unsuccessfully.

Me: “We have two silly girls.”
Jon: ” No, you have two silly girls. I have three silly girls.”

Having two dozen lavender and purple roses delivered for our anniversary, and delicious hand-dipped caramels with sea salt. I loved having you home from work also.

Being very on the fence about buying you a new wedding ring. Then choosing your own ring once we knew your size and being so excited when it came in the mail.

Having me place the new wedding ring on your finger.

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