March Highlights

Catching five ladybugs at the park and making a habitat for them at home. Wanting to catch lots more, but me letting you know that some need to live in the wild and eat the aphids.

Loving ice skating so much. Being happy you persuaded me to skate.

Catching onto skating pretty quickly. You stayed near the wall, but were able to skate on your own, with the help of the wall. Wanting you birthday party to be at the ice skating rink.

Saying how wonderful March began.

Eating a cricket in your lego class. Ick.

Guac-la-mole instead guacamole.

One word: ATTITUDE. This has been a trying month for both you and us. We’re sure it’s you trying to become more independent, but for us it’s you giving us attitude.

Telling me how cleaning out the toy shelf and folding clothes are your two least favorite things to do. Not sure if you just happen to say this, or if you somehow saw my Facebook status stating how the two things I dislike to do as a mother is have you fold cloths and clean your toy shelves.

Obsessing over bugs and bug habitats all month long. Wanting to catch and keep everything you catch.

Playing your April Fools joke on March 31st. (You rearranged food in our refrigerator.)

Not wanting me to leave you while you were learning to skate. (You had the skater helper, which basically acts like a walker, for ice skating.) Then I slowly had you try on your own and you started out pretty slow, but quickly got much better. By the end you were going pretty fast with the walker/ skater helper and did not want any help.

Not wanting to cuddle in the morning for longer than 2 minutes. You love to cuddle during the day, but I think I programmed you to not like morning cuddles in my bed because it’s how I would get you to go back to sleep when you younger.

Commenting that all your favorite toys were going missing and soon you would have nothing to play with. (Your toys shelf was still overflowing with toys.)

During your spelling test. Me:”Grind. I need to grind flour when we are done with school. Grind.” You: “Can we have pancakes for dinner!?”

Your fortune cookie: Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you.

I asked if you’d like to see Shrek the Musical, or Disney’s Beauty and the Beast for your first Broadway play, since I’m taking Lilah to see Mary Poppins, and you said, “Why not Wicked?” I’m thinking my Wicked obsession might have affected you and Lilah, because she joined in that she’d like to see Wicked also. 🙂

Eating two crickets in the girl’s lego class. Double ick.

The conversation went something like this.
Me: Eden tickle your daddy.
Jon: Don’t tickle me I’m reading a book. Tickle Mommy.
Me: It’s not nice to tickle people.
Jon: Then why are you so mean to our children?

Grabbing my butt and then I asked you if you had greasy fingers. (We had just eaten grilled cheese for lunch.) You looked at your hand and said, “Well, not anymore.”

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