My darlings

Last week was great. The girls were waking up around 7:30- 8:00 and I was getting afternoon naps. So far they’ve woken up at 6:45ish this week. I don’t mind except today they had already watched Toy Story and it was only 10:30. Of course this was even making them wait until I did dishes, just in case I decided to shower. When they wake up early my days are so long.

Eden was fun today though. She’s talking so much. We love to play a wake up game, the only problem is if I’m really trying to rest for a moment and she’s awake she yells “Wake up Mommy!” and pats me somewhere. So today I wasn’t able to rest because she kept doing this. It was fun though because she came and laid by me on the couch and she would pretend to snore and I would tickle her and say “wake up Eden!” and she would laugh and she would try to snore again but before she could even get a fake snore out she’d start smiling and laughing. It was darling. And I love the way she says “Wake up Mommy!” it use to be just “wake up, wake up!” but her phrases are getting longer and more descriptive. She’s getting too big.
After her nap I had her laying in bed with me. I wasn’t ready to get up yet. I had my eyes closed and I just opened them to look at her and the second after I opened my eyes she had a big smile on her face. It was so cute. I love hanging out with her and I can’t believe how big she’s getting. She’s also getting a little more stubborn but she’s still darling.

Lilah of course is getting big. She’s such a mom to Eden. She loves sharing her food with her, or treats, toys not so much, but food Lilah will share. If Eden is already asleep Lilah will set aside some candy just for Eden. She also likes to tell Eden what to do, but we’re trying to break that. It can be helpful, but I don’t want Lilah thinking she has to be a mom to Eden and I want Eden to know that she ultimately should be listening to her parents.

They’re quite a pair. I almost want another one just because They’re both so big.

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