Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s is one place I always wanted to peruse. I have a friend from my dating Jon days, really before I started dating Jon, and she lives by Trader Joe’s and when we get together, about once a year, we’ve often talked about it.
Now my friend Sam has opened my eyes. She’s a very healthy and world conscious person. She uses her own grocery and fruit bags and many organic products. Trader Joe’s is one place you can get organic food cheaper than the regular grocery store and if you can’t afford organic they have a lot of more natural food, or at least without the hormones, like milk and eggs.
I visited Trader Joe’s for the first time today. Now I bought just a few things because, one I didn’t have my grocery list, and two I don’t need to go shopping just yet, but we were in the neighborhood and I had a guide with me, AKA Sam.
I found whole wheat spaghetti, 16 oz, for .$99. I think at Smith’s it’s like $1.99 for whole wheat spaghetti. Naturally feed chicken eggs a dozen for $.99 and something we now need for Jon, the eggs white eggs, brand name egg beaters, for $3.49 at Joe’s and at Smith’s egg beater eggs are about $5. Plus a lot of good vitamins at descent prices. Those are some things that I found. Milk without the bad hormones is $2.99, which ain’t bad considering it’s $2.88 for milk lately if it’s not on sale, at least where I shop. Trader Joe’s is definitely a bargain for organic foods. I think I’ll have to make a monthly trip out there for our little family and slowly switch to more naturally processed foods for not that much more of a price. It’s the gas that would get me because it is a little far from my house, but if I visit my sister in Henderson I can just drop by Trader Joe’s on the way home.
My eyes have been opened.

3 Responses to “Trader Joe’s”

  1. Jonathan Blake Says:

    If you want to switch things up a bit, there’s also a Trader Joe’s near my parents’ house. The girls could visit the grandparents on the way. 🙂

  2. Lacey Says:

    I did see that one too. I would probably be more likely to be able to stop at Trader Joe’s if I went the way of visiting you parents. Us Harvey’s get together and talk for hours.

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