The Phantom

Last night we got a special treat. One of Carolyn’s co-workers gets ticket to The Phantom of the Opera and he had some for last night’s show and we went!
A while back Carolyn asked if we’d be interested in going last minute if Chris had tickets and that she would watch the girls for us whenever it happened, since it would be last minute and late show, it started at 9:30pm and ended at 11:20pm.
It was such a good production and truly a timeless piece. It was the first Broadway type scaled production that Jon or I had ever been too. We also had pretty good floor seats.
It was lots of fun and worth more than every penny we spent, since it was free including the babysitting. 🙂

Carolyn said she had fun with the girls. Lilah kept showing her what she could do, like jumping and once Eden was asleep she was a chatter box.

Carolyn said that Lilah was informing her about all sorts of things, including what people Lilah knew that Carolyn didn’t and then who Carolyn did know. Like Lilah knows Danielle, but Carolyn doesn’t. And one conversation that made me smile was how Lilah said that she knew Anna but Carolyn didn’t. Carolyn said she did know Anna and that Mommy use to work with her. Lilah said that Mommy is a mommy.
Jon thinks it’s interesting how she’s figuring out relationships and who knows who and who doesn’t know who.
I think it’s just one more thing for her to talk about, but I do think it’s interesting to watch her to learn.

6 Responses to “The Phantom”

  1. Amber Says:

    I’m completely and totally jealous!!!

  2. Carolyn Says:

    I love your girls!!! They are so fun when you are not there.( you know they open up and try to get candy before bed.)Love you guys.

  3. Nice neice Says:

    Props on the cool date! How fun was that? And, sounding shallow here, What did you wear??

    Love, Shauntae

  4. Lacey Says:

    I wore some dressy khaki shorts with a light blue shirt.(The shirt is the one I wore when you were here actually.) The one good thing about a show in Vegas is you don’t have to dress up super nice. Though we did sit around some very nicely dressed people, and then they’re was a couple in jeans not far in front of us.

    Sometimes I wish Jon had a job where they did dressy things, so I could get super chic and have a reason to buy a cute party dress that costs $100. Like some of Shade’s clothing basic black dresses, so pretty but so pricey.

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