My New Freedom

Monday- We went to Sis. Jewitt’s house. She and I had to go shopping to buy baskets for enrichment night this week and then the girls and I went swimming. Lilah loved it there and the youngest daughter Hannah, about 11, had tons of fun playing with the girls.
Tuesday- Dropped the girls off at Sam’s. Went to the DMV and registered the car. UGH, it was soo much money, so we are way over our misc budget yet again. (Sorry honey I totally forgot about registering the car and how much it costs when factoring in misc.) Went to JoAnn’s picked up chocolates and baskets. Baskets for the house chocolates for the truffle making class I would be doing Wednesday night with the Miamaids in our ward. After JoAnn’s I went to Trader Joe’s and then back home to put the milk in the fridge. Picked up girls and we came home for lunch.
Wednesday- Went shopping at Target to get different items and return a floaty swimsuit that got holes in it after one wear. Forgot to get anything to replace it though. Came home had Eden take a nap and then I went to Sam’s to show her how to prepare the truffle center for mutual. I also went through her recipes and now I have to copy tons of recipes so I can have some variety in our very redundant dinner menu. Came home, took naps, made dinner, kissed husband hello, ate dinner, kissed husband goodbye. Taught Miamaids how to make truffles. ( I made them for a cub scout dinner and they were a big hit, so Sam asked me to teach her girls how to make them.)
Came home, made phone calls for enrichment.
Thursday- My first day to watch Naia! Julie dropped her off a little after 9am and then I had to learn what to do with a young baby. She’s pretty well behaved but she got hungry right before we had to leave.( Julie called while she was crying and I felt so bad.) I feed her a little to get her happy and then we got to Lilah’s class about 15 minutes late.
Naia didn’t want to sleep while at the church and only took about a half hour nap. Then she fussed a bit when I laid her down in Eden’s bed, and Eden cried to have a baby put in her bed. Ahh, children.
Tonight Enrichment.
Tomorrow- We have a birthday party for Spencer, a boy from church. We’ll see how that goes because it’s 10-12, the same time Naia’s nap begins.

So I’ve driven somewhere every day this week. I don’t plan on having this be routine since it does cost a lot in gas but man, I was busy.

I’m happy to begin watching Naia. It’s nice to be contributing to the income.
Also great news is Jon got a small raise besides his cost of living increase!
Go Jon! He doesn’t think it was well deserved since he was learning his job this past year, but I say he’s a very hard worker and is dedicated to being an honorable employee.
I think he deserves it and it helps to ease the burden of the budget just a tad more.

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