Dear Lilah,

I can’t believe you’re four. Or really when people ask how old you are you  just hold up four fingers.  I remember you being little and growing, but I still can’t believe you’re four!

You’re a wonderful daughter. You don’t always listen and you’re testing your strong will but you are almost always helpful towards your sister. At least when it comes to sharing food, getting dressed, and putting her down for naps. There are times that I remind you that you’re the sister and I’m the mother, because you often “mother” Eden.
You love to read. You’ll stop playing if I begin reading to Eden and hop onto the couch to be with us. You love to draw.  You love making up stories and talking on the phone.
Everyone loves saying hello to you, and you are often shy, but you’re coming out of your shell. You now say hi to complete strangers as long as I’m around. You love animals and can’t wait until we move to a bigger house so we can have one.
You ask a million questions about everything. Especially the movies we watch or the shows we see. You always ask questions when it’s time to eat. You love Mommy’s Oatmeal Squares, and I don’t mind sharing with you.

You’re a wonderful daughter. You remind me that I have to share you with Daddy and Eden when I ask you if I can have you forever. That’s true, but I’m sure I won’t mind sharing you as long as it’s for forever.
Happy Birthday.


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