Working together to get things done.

The alternative title would be: How much the little things my husband does, has made a big difference.

Lately I feel productive. Like most of what I want to accomplish is getting accomplished, even though there are things that don’t get done, but those things aren’t the important ones, or are the things that will be OK if I neglect. (Yes, I meant for that to be a run-on sentence.)

Here’s my list of things to do each day:
get dressed
cello practice with Lilah
make dinner

Like really. It’s a good day if I get dressed, we do school together, practice Lilah’s cello, and I make dinner. I suppose that’s why I feel like I’m getting things done, because I set my bar low and if I do more, it’s an awesome day. It’s not like any one thing takes us all day, but with other distractions my goal is to do each of these things, and whatever else needs to get done.

There are other things I toss into the mix each day, depending on what we have scheduled for the day:
hand wash dishes
random cleaning around house
check for houses
talk to friends
avoid doing things by being on the internet.

Here are the things the girls and Jon do each day to help out:
sort recyclables
clean random things that I tell them too.

Jon has been the big motivator in having the girls do more around the house, and it helps tons. I now have children who can: do laundry, load and start the dishwasher, fry an egg, make me toast, take out the trash, sweep, mop, vacuum, clean toilets, and do other random things around this house. All because he decided to start making the girls do more, and the patience to teach them. Of course, I’m teaching them too, but I’ve decided this is a magical time in our lives. It’s the age the children start pulling their own weight, and even do things for us.

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  1. Jonathan Says:

    And it started with an article in the New Yorker about parenting that told how they do things in the Amazon.