August Highlights


Playing in the rain at Pine Valley. You didn’t mind, but your parents made you come inside so you didn’t get struck by lightening.

Picking all the blackberries you could, plus some that probably should have stayed on the bush a little longer.


“You’re walking to the mailbox. It’s not a fashion show.” (I had just said I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go outside in my house clothes, which are old yoga pants with an old shirt.)

You asked if rut was a word. I told you to look it up in the dictionary. You found this definition: the periodic sexual excitement of certain male mammals. You were surprised it meant that. We had a good chuckle and I showed you that it was the secondary definition and pointed out the primary definition.

You accidentally got a drop of nail polish on your bedroom carpet. I found out because you confessed after I asked why your room smelled like nail polish. After we were cleaning it up you said that your brain thought painting the whole carpet purple might be a way to solve the spot on the carpet. We’re all happy you didn’t try that.

You caught tons of bugs when we were at the cabin in Pine Valley. You wanted to keep a grasshopper as a pet, but I would not let you.

Being sad that it rained so much at Pine Valley. You wanted to be out exploring.

We were discussing cello practice and you said, “Cello is overrunning my life.”


I interrupted you playing with your ponies to have you fold wash cloths. I walked by while you were folding the wash cloths and heard you still talking like you were playing with your ponies.

You give me a special smirk whenever you think I’m doing something silly now.

School. You are on it. We have a new system where at the beginning of each week I write Mon, Tues, etc. on the pages you’re suppose to do during the week in your workbooks. You’re on it right after breakfast.

You are a wonderful speller. You help Lilah spell words. You seem to take after your daddy.

You jump right up to help almost every time we ask you to do something.


Me: “Aren’t Almond Joys you’re favorite?”
Jon: “No, I like Mounds better.”
Me: “What! I thought you like the almonds?”
Jon: “No I tolerate the nuts.”
Me: “That’s the story of your life.”

Promising me that the kitchen will be our first priority once we move in and save money to fix up other areas of the house.

Arguing with me about decorating and what I want to do. Telling me you get to do whatever you want to your library and work area in the garage. Relenting that I will probably get most of my way throughout the house. (You say you forget conversations so we’ll see if you remember this one.) 😉

2 Responses to “August Highlights”

  1. Andrea Says:

    have you seen the e-card that’s going around, “My husband thinks I’m crazy, but I’m not the one who married me.”

  2. Nice Niece Says:

    I always enjoy these little peeks into your lives. 🙂