October Highlights


Your journal. You’re writing super creative stories. I love reading them each day we have school.

Petco where the Pets go. It sounds like it’s where they go to the bathroom.”

While making your costume we sometimes had a hard time agreeing on how it should look. You thanked me several times for my hard work, usually shortly after we disagreed.

You’ve become quite the cuddle bug this month. You’ve also started to tickle me less, because you want me to tickle you more.

Being so excited for Halloween.

Being frustrated at first with orchestra. You’ve learned the music so it’s more enjoyable now.

Practicing every day for your 100 days of practice. It’s something new for us so we’ve had some close calls at missing, but overall you’ve done really well. You’re excelling at cello.


Looking so serious during Hocus Pocus. You like the silly witch Sarah the best and even talked about dressing up as her next year for Halloween.

Being scared during Watcher in the Woods. You’d cover your eyes, but you still wanted to finish the movie.

While watching Matilda for Sam, Matilda fell and hit her head. She had to get two stitches. You felt really bad about it, and didn’t want to talk about it. Everyone was worried about Matilda, but more concerned about how you felt, since you were the one “in charge” of her at the time.

Pulling your own tooth! Daddy wouldn’t let me pull your tooth, he said you should. It didn’t work the first night you tried, but came out with just two pulls the second night.

Loving your ruby slippers. You are definitely a shoe person.

Eating lots of candy after we started attending parties. Usually it’s Lilah I have to watch out for, this time it was you.


“Where are my glasses?” I went to pick what I thought they were up off the bed, but I swiped the side that was open and missed.
“No, that’s not them .”
Jon: “Those are your glasses and this just shows how blind you are.”
In my defense, my glasses are lightly colored on the inside of the ear pieces and it kinda looked like they were just creases on the bed.

Carolyn told me Jon’s nick name shows up in her e-mails. So she has to look up “Hunny Bunny” when sending e-mails to Jon. I’ve changed it to his birth name so people don’t get the wrong idea.

Getting information on our house! Still crazy.


Being the keeper of all our financial information. You’re doing a great job budgeting and making money for us.

We’ve been watching lots of classic shows from our youth on Netflix. You mentioned how old everyone looked when you were a kid, but how young they look now.

Staying home and handing out candy on Halloween.

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