Ely Trip 2007

So we left Friday afternoon at 2:09 and got to Ely just before 6.
On the way there Lilah decided she wanted to do camping and hiking, but we didn’t bring anything to camp with and so she’d have to be happy with just hiking. Next time I think we’ll bring a tent if the weather is beautiful once again.
We had delicious shredded beef burritos which the girls just picked apart. After dinner Jon, Carolyn, the girls and I took a walk to to the top of Andrea and Brien’s street. (Lilah wanted to go hiking, so instead we just took Jack for a walk.)
It was a big hill after we had big dinner. Our walk gave Andrea and Brien time to do things that they weren’t able to before we got there.
We just hung out and got settled in the rest of the night.
Lilah slept horribly. She wandered into the living room where Carolyn was and then later she wandered into Andrea and Brien’s room. At this point she slept with me and Jon went and slept on the twin air mattress next to Eden’s playpen where we had Lilah. It was a very interrupted night and Lilah woke up very early since the window faced east. It was just rough.
We had a delicious breakfast though. Chocolate waffles, sausage and strawberries. Afterwards all Lilah wanted to do was hike. So we hiked up the street again and found some ATV trails in the wilderness that were close to the house.
None of us put on sun screen so the girls got a little rosy and so did Jon. Carolyn got the worst of it and I just got a little sunburned on the top of my shoulders, since I was trying to avoid getting an even darker farmers tan.
We had fun and Lilah loved hiking. She kept wanted to go farther on the trail, but we kept it kinda short for Eden and the bright sun, though it was still a long hike.
We ate lunch and Eden took a nap.
Lilah eventually took a nap .
We hung out and watched different things on TV for the afternoon. Teen Witch being the movie that was on ABC family.
Then we ate at Mr. G’s for dinner, a newer restaurant in town.
Service is slower in Ely all around, and this is from our experience and from Andrea and Brien’s confirmation.
After dinner we feed the ducks and geese at the park.
We took a short video of Eden saying bye to the ducks. It was too cute.
On the video we have her saying bye, bye, but right before we took it she was saying “bye, it’s nice to see you, bye ducks.”
Really it was soo cute. I wish I knew a way to put it up besides the youtube method.
Then after the duck pond we went to the house and watched Brien dig a hole for the tree they had bought that afternoon. Carolyn, Andrea, Brien and I talked while the girls ran around from the back door to the front and then around the side of the house. Jon sat on the front porch to make sure they didn’t veer off the beaten path and go towards the street. It was a little chilly for us Las Vegans but it was perfect for the Ely couple.
Saturday night went a little smoother until the morning. Brien gave Lilah one of the candles from their wedding decorations, it’s a light, and Lilah slept until 5:00 am, and then came to our room to announce that the candle hadn’t burned out. ( I had warned her that it was old and may not last the whole night.) She then eventually went back to sleep with us and Jon got up when Eden awoke crying at some point in the morning. It was a rough start to the day and predicted Eden’s mood. Eden was pretty sensitive and would start crying easily on Sunday. Luckily it was the last day otherwise Brien would be getting early training on how to deal with an ornery child, which he’s bound to have with any Harvey genes in the child.
But to tell the truth she was perfectly fine while Brien and Andrea were at church. Of course we did watch the Little Mermaid and paint the girl’s toe nails. Andrea suggested we paint the toe nails, I would never give my girls this idea.They went to church at 11, and we stayed at the house to shower and pack. We waited until they got home and we left about 2:45. Eden fell asleep quickly and the trip back home went smoothly.
It was fun to see and just be with family. I like just being with family, I don’t need a reason or activity to get together.

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  1. Andrea Says:

    You make it sound as if painted toe nails are a bad thing.