Today we signed papers for a house. It’s been a long time since we put an offer in, and it looks like we will have a second home by the end of the week! Then we’ll have to rip out all the floors to our second home, paint nearly every wall, and put it all back together again so we can move into our second home and have it become our primary home.

I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

We are so excited to have the space, but the work ahead is daunting. We’re not fixer uppers, yet we bought quite the fixer upper. Over the coming years we’ll also have to remodel the kitchen, and both bathrooms. I am looking forward to doing everything just the way we want it, even if it takes time. That is the one benefit of having to fix it up, we get to fix it to our tastes.

The girls are excited at the possibility of new pets, chickens, and building a tree house in the back yard.
Jon is excited for his library, more garden area, and building a tree house in the back yard. He’ll also be able to bike or skateboard to work.
I’m excited to have a sewing room, a school room, and more room in general. The house isn’t huge, but it is twice the space of what we have now and big enough that we can finally have more than 2 people over at a time. I wish it had a slightly more friendly floor plan for entertaining, but in actuality we won’t be having lots of people over all the time, so the house will do it’s job nicely for our regular needs. I’m happy that we’ll have space for family to stay when they visit and that we’ll be close to my sister Carolyn. She’s the best babysitter, and aunt.

So that’s the big news for us. We are finally moving, and if Jon has his way, it will be our final move.

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  1. Nice Niece Says:

    Yay!!! Congrats. 🙂