November Highlights

You’re both enjoying the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I was not thrilled to let you watch such violence, you haven’t even seen more than one Harry Potter film. You are both loving it and are way excited to see The Hobbit in December.

The day Sleepy died you both talked about how creepy it would be if you heard gnawing on the bars or the wheel turning. I think you freaked yourselves out because you decided to sleep together in Eden’s bed.


Unloading the dishwasher with no help from a parent. You used the step-stool to put things in the cupboard. I’m feeling that you have a new job.

Life is really hard when you’re getting older. Drama is very prevalent in our lives nowadays.

We found Sleepy passed away on the morning of Friday, November 16. He was around 2 years old. We got him just a week before Thanksgiving in 2010. You were pretty sad on Thursday, when it was pretty apparent he would die soon.

Deciding to freeze Sleepy so we can bury him in our new house’s yard. (Yes, I have a dead hamster in my freezer. He’s in box in a ziploc bag. )

You made a sandwich and could not find the twist-tie for the lunch meat. You found it when you ate your sandwich.

Getting upset and wanting to be alone. I think you’re wanting your own space, but know you’re going to continue to share a room.

Loving Faith Hill’s Christmas CD. You said you like the “original” Christmas music. (You meant traditional.) You and Eden love making up dances to go with each song.


Being the only girl in your book-club class. The teachers always worry, but you never seem to mind. (Last term you were the only girl in recorder.)

“Pleease”, you like to say it in an, “I’m so cute, but I’m still whining” kind of way. It’s grating on your mother’s nerves, and I’m trying to have you just say please like a normal person.

Asking if you could pick out the color of carpet for your room. You wanted a lilac color, and while it’s pretty, it’s not gonna happen. I told you it had to be neutral and you said, “Maybe light blue. That’s pretty neutral.”

Losing your seventh tooth. You put the tooth on the fair side of the bed and I suggested you should put it closer to the edge. You replied that the Tooth Fairy would just fly over you.

Doing the “I’m watching you” hand movement to your daddy and me. You were watching to see who was picking on Lilah and spanking her while she played Wii fit. Your daddy started it.


Telling a group of adults that it wasn’t polite to have one person hold the place for three families and arguing with them in line when they got defensive and argued that it was fine.

The cockroaches. Oh, the cockroaches. You disturbed their home in the compost in preparation of moving. We then got cockroaches in the house. I sprayed by the back door and we got a cockroach graveyard.


Jonathan: Yeah, but websites apparently don’t sell driers. I looked.
me: Really?
Jonathan: Unless it’s called something other than a drier.
me: Dryer.
Jonathan: Ah!

I mix up left and right, you apparently mix up yellow and blue. As in you say blue when you mean yellow and vise versa.

Being proud that I said no to making rolls, but would buy them, so I would be less stressed. I said yes to making pies though….

Helping me write the ice breakers for my talk. Suggesting that I could make it memorable by singing the whole thing.

Packing books. It’s good that you have nearly half the books packed, it’s just bad that most of them are in the middle of my living room floor and will have no where to go until at least the middle of the December.

We saw Shelly Berkley at our polling place. I mentioned I wanted to shake her hand so I could see her up close. Jon didn’t think that was very nice.

Going crazy over house stuff. I’m a little stressed to say the least.(We’re closing in December now and that’s going to affect our move date. Banks.)

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  1. Nice Niece Says:

    I’m pretty sure I say this every month…but I love reading these little peeks into your lives!