House stuff.

I’m keeping a short journal of the work we do each day on the house for the final product. So far each day is pretty short, but today was eventful.

Monday 12-10: Got to house and water had been turned on, but back off because their was a leak. Piping from the sprinkler in the front yard had been broken off, and thus created a geyser when water is on. Jon figured out how to keep sprinklers off while having the water to the house turned on, only we then noticed another geyser from the spigot attached to the house in the back, because the valve had been broken off. We had to call the home warranty company to send plumbers to fix it. Big hole in the back of the house to properly attach and extend a pipe for the new spigot. Not sure of vandals or if someone purposely broke and took the evidence, or accidentally broke and took the evidence. There were no broken pipes or valves around either area. Keeping water turned off while we’re not at the house just in case.

Today was my first mental breakdown of the move and new house. This water problem has delayed my plans for painting and has caused an annoyance while at the house. (No toilets or ability to wash hands.) I really want to fix the house and move in but having no water meant not being able to clean properly and prep for painting. People also keep asking why I can’t paint with out water, and I want to yell at them. How they heck can I clean my rollers, any spills, or even my own self if I have no running water at the site!?! I also don’t like cleaning with cleaners if I have no place to wash my hands. Ick.

I’ll admit I am now a little scared to be there working alone, because if it was vandals or someone purposefully causing damage, I fear they’ll come back while I’m there alone. It stinks. I’ll be happy to do work when my floor guy is there with me next week.

I am grateful the front sprinkler was broken, because who knows if the water guy would have been able to observe and tell there was a broken valve in the back yard. It sucks that they’re broken, but I guess I should be happy they were both broken, and not just the back yard one.

We also put some paint samples on our walls, and did not like them. We have to choose fast because we are having someone paint the entry, and it has to be a color we’re happy with because, we’ll we’re paying someone to paint the entry. I’m also worried the color won’t go with the carpet, since we choose our carpet based on the color sample.

So excited, but so stressed.

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  1. Nice Niece Says:

    Such a good idea to keep a home journal. 🙂