February Highlights


We walked by a gazebo at Costco. You said, “We should get this so I can be kissy, kissy with my boyfriend.” You told me you got this idea from the movies. Hmmmm.

You made a scavenger hunt for us to find our Valentine’s. You really love Valentine’s Day.

Being excited that in two years you get to stay home by yourself, because you’ll be twelve. Telling me that Eden will have to still wait till she’s twelve to stay home because, “It’s not fair that she’ll get to stay home sooner than me because I’m older.” Too bad kid. You’re gonna be babysitting your sister. You’ll also get to drive, date, and move out sooner.

Being excited to make new friends in our ward. Calling Britta your “gold friend”, and your new friends “silver.” Telling me they may become gold someday. (Make new friends by keep the old. One is silver and the other gold.)

We had a talk about food etiquette at dinner one night. Not only about not making a mess, or putting too much food in your mouth, but how to hold your fork, and the polite way to cut food. You now hold your fork a more correct way. We’re still working on not making a mess.


You got a stiff neck from camping out on your floor. We had co-op that day, so you stayed with me during History, and PE, felt well enough to go to duct-tape, but stayed with me during Nature, since they hike around.

Running from picture to picture for Lilah’s scavenger hunt. You had lots of fun finding all the clues.

Adding cuddles to your list of things “to do.” I joked you only had it on there once, so you added it a lot more times.

You like to go outside and just run from side to side of the yard. What I find even funnier is you’ll come home, take off your shoes, put on sandals and, then go outside and run from side to side.

While you’re still my baby, I’m trying to have you use me less as a chair when we go out. You don’t particularly like this all the time, and give me your play mad face. I still let you cuddle, but you can’t always sit on my lap when you want to. (I still let you sit on my lap, just not every time.)


You took Lilah to see Itzhak Perlman. You had classical music on for the car ride home, and Lilah said she was, “Classical music-ed out”, so you then put on Classic Rock.

Trying to get us organized and to keep an orderly house. Maybe I should change that to “encouraging us.”

Getting me a smartphone for our anniversary. Telling me if it works out, you may get one.

We took the girls to our anniversary dinner this year. Mostly, because we’ve had a lot of dates, and didn’t want to burden our free babysitters, but it was fun to celebrate as a family, and the girls loved getting cheesecake.

Continuing to buy me lavender roses for our anniversary. I love getting them, and this years roses were lovely.


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