New Calling

We’ve been adjusting to our new ward nicely. Overall, the girls like their teachers and classmates, and are excited to meet new friends. We’ve had one girl Lilah’s age over, and they all got along great, and they were invited to the house of a girl Eden’s age, which they also loved.

I knew several people in the ward already, and have met many. Since my friend Heidi Spencer had moved in earlier in the year, many people knew I was coming, and about me. I’m trying to balance the whole, being new, letting them know  our situation, and trying to not let it completely define me. It’s hard, and I’m not sure I’m doing well, but I am meeting people and being open.

A couple Sundays ago I was called in to meet with the bishop, and they gave me a calling. I’ll be teaching the 12-13 year old Sunday School class.  EEK!
They sustained me on the 10th, but I was at a mission farewell, and unable to get information on the lesson materials, so I asked the old teacher to teach one more week for me, also because his explanation of the new material kinda scared me, and I was not ready to jump in and teach just yet.
I sat in on his lesson this past Sunday, and saw his teaching methods. He’s a little lax on rules, and so I’m trying to decide how to nicely state my expectations, without being totally mean sounding. (Eating and talking during class, not sitting with all four chair legs on the floor. I am such a mean teacher.) The kids did talk, and answer questions.

I am still nervous with the new lesson materials, and trying to get to know the needs of the students in my class, which also kinda big, at 12 kids! (I know this is small compared to some wards, but this is large for me.)
They all seem very nice, and I have connections to a couple of the kids and their families already.
I taught Gospel Principles for 4 1/2 years in my old ward, so this is a change. I’m hoping I can do this calling well, and with the Spirit.

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