March Highlights

Thinking you should have your own comedy show to record all the interesting things you say.

I had just ended a long lecture about life not being fair to the girls, then I called perdiddle. In our family that means that person gets a kiss.
Eden: I’ll give you a kiss.
Lilah made some slurping sound.
Me: Lilah are you eating your boogers?
Lilah: No, I just gave you an air kiss.
Eden: That’s not fair, I get to give Mommy her kiss.
Lilah: Life’s not fair.

Not wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day and getting pinched repeatedly by a girl on your church class. It was rough.

Packing some treats for our walk around the temple while Eden had speech.

Doing the dishes. Love, love, love.

A friend was being dropped off and the mom complimented us on our nice house and said how it smelled clean. You told her it’s not always this way. I think over all we are able to keep the place clean, but we did do a big cleaning to get ready for your friends.

You started a load of laundry, but it wasn’t till it was complete that we realized no detergent had been added.

I noticed you were not participating in PE, so we borrowed a basketball from the teacher to let you practice dribbling at home. You practiced everyday, as soon as you woke up. It helped and you did get better. I noticed you still sitting out during class, so I made you participate, just in time for a game of Horse. We need to now practice shooting the ball, which one of the teachers did help you with a little at the end of class.

You did not get pinched, even though you wore no green on St. Patrick’s Day.

Telling me you’re about the height of a hobbit.

Losing your new Sunday shoe into the neighbors pool at Granpa Harvey’s house while playing power rangers. They weren’t home, so we’re hoping it holds up and isn’t ruined.
Trying to figure out the bug and pest situation. You don’t want pesticides, but I do. Finding cockroaches, black widows,  and scorpions in the house is not fun.

Hauling the exercise bike upstairs while I went shopping. You told the girls to call 911 if you became unconscious.

I told you how I found a wolf spider in the living room that I released outside, because it was mostly friendly. You asked me if I was sure it wasn’t a fiddle back, or brown recluse.
I looked up brown recluse, and yeah, that’s what it was. Dangit.

Killing a huge black widow that was living in an irrigation box with lots of cockroaches.
Eating lots of sugar on Easter. You’ve decided to not eat white flour and processed sugars, except for holidays. You’re not very good at moderation. It’s all or nothing.
I started playing Words With Friends with a stranger, and she was really good, so I decided to cheat. We ended our first game, and she invited me to a second. Not wanting to be rude I accepted. Around the second word she complimented me on my playing. I couldn’t lie, and told her I had been cheating, but was learning about the game. She decided she liked the challenge, and wanted to continue playing. (I told her I’d understand if she wanted to stop playing.)

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