May Highlights

You regularly eat breakfast close to 8:30 or 9 am, no matter what time you wake up. Of course the morning we have to wake you up and get out of the house at 7:15, you’re starving and won’t be able to wait till  8 to eat, once we’re back. I made you wait.
Being excited for the “courtesy shuttle” to get our car. It was in for a recall and the dealership will pick or drop you off. You had never ridden in a minivan before.

Passing off book one for Suzuki 0n your cello. You went through the book in less than one year. Way to go!

Making confetti to throw on Daddy for his arrival home on his birthday. You had to sweep it up, and we had to agree on a place that was easily cleanable.

Calling Origami,  A-rig-ah-me. You were taught at Achievement Days.
Eating and enjoying craw-fish.
Catching a grasshopper and making him your pet.
Auditioning for a youth orchestra and being OK when you didn’t make it. I think you felt somewhat relieved. It was  good experience, and next year you’ll be even more prepared.
Being disappointed  you couldn’t come to my 30th birthday party. It was just for grown-up women.


For some reason you started doing a mindless thing, which is having some negative affects. I’m hoping we can stop this bad habit you’ve created. (It stopped after discussing the consequences and threatening to cut off your hair.)

Avoiding craw-fish.
Reading the Harry Potter books as fast as we get them.
Deciding to watch Return of the King, when you couldn’t find  the book to read.
Telling me you’ll be too big to cuddle and sit on my lap once you’re eight.  (I doubt you’ll stop though.)
The closing of Cool Valley! Fortunately that short sale went much quicker than the one we purchased. So happy to close that chapter of our life, though a little sad.

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