Pictures- Ely trip 2007

Our hike


We found a cactus- surprise surprise.




Notice Carolyn’s cris cross shirt back? Yeah, she got a cris cross sunburn.

So cute.




It’s a blurry picture but I think it’s still so cute.




Carolyn and Lilah at the top of the hill.




One of the views at the top.




Eden’s dusty legs.




Eden gets the royal treatment.



Around the house.


Everyone loves an Oreo mustache on a cute girl.




Eden couldn’t get enough of Jack. Too bad he got enough of her.


The Duck pond.


Brien and Andrea at the pond. It was the best picture I got of them.

(Sorry Andrea.)




Rosy cheeks from our hike and a little pizza sauce from dinner.




The big picture.




The close-up of the smiling Eden.




Saying good-bye to the ducks.


4 Responses to “Pictures- Ely trip 2007”

  1. Elizabeth J. Says:

    Very cute, sounds like you had a fun trip. You’re little ones are beautiful! I love reading what’s going on with them and you. Sounds like your keeping busy.

  2. Andrea Says:

    I guess I should make sure you always take at least 2 pictures. I love Eden laying next to Jack, it’s just too cute.

  3. Andrea Says:

    Since you didn’t really want to hike aren’t you lucky that we have a wildlife area just behind our house. At the right time you can see rabbits and deer back there. Plus we get a wiff of a skunk sometimes.

  4. Lacey Says:

    Andrea- I took two pictures. The first had Carolyn’s rear end in it, so I thought I’d post this one with your eyes closed. (I didn’t realize they were closed until I was looking at them at home.) I should have gotten a picture of you in your dress since you look more pregnant in it.