Wedding stress

I have to make the girls dresses for my sister Carolyn’s wedding but the pattern I want is no where to be found at JoAnn’s, where I have a sister and a mother who work. I may just order it online. The other problem is it only goes down to a size 3, or one size larger than what Eden is, but I think I can adjust it, maybe….:)

I have less than 2 months to make two dresses and drapes. Why drapes? Because I have just one set to go and I feel bad when things like this come up and delay me even more on these sewing projects for my house. I also only have only one set to go!!
I would make a dress for myself or a skirt but one, I don’t have the time and two, they never fit me right.
I want something like this for the wedding, but it’s pricey.
If you want to donate to my “dress to wear to Carolyn’s fund” wedding just e-mail me or make a or comment. 😉

(There is this dress which is less pricey, but it’ I still like this pricey one a little better. Of course I could want the most expensive one from this site.)

2 Responses to “Wedding stress”

  1. Andrea Says:

    I haven’t had time to look for anything. How fancy do we have to go for this wedding anyways? Do you really think black is a good idea for a wedding, in August, in 100+ temperatures?!?!?!?

  2. Anna Says:

    I agree, black in August is a BAD idea. I could be convinced to work on something for you. (AKA I’d love the opportunity to make another dress to add to my portfolio.) FYI patterns are on sale for the next 3 weeks. If you could find one that is similar to the one you want, we could probably do it… Let me know.