Shopping trip

I wanted to wait to go to Costco because we have no money in the food part of the budget until July, which begins tomorrow, but we needed eggs and a couple other things. As I was at Smith’s I figured I would get some eye drops that the doctor recommended for Jon. They were $15 for a 30 mL (1 fluid oz.) bottle. Now Smith’s does gas rewards so I thought if I spend $15 more than I can get the $0.05 reward per gallon of gas. So I thought I’d just buy things we needed or would use for the next month to get the rewards. Well, I wasn’t keeping track so the items added up. In short I hit the $30 mark and had I spent $8 more than I could have gotten $0.10 rewards on my gas. 🙂

My train of thought is horrible. But at least everything I got at Smith’s was justified and things that we will use over the next couple weeks or months ahead for our food storage or just to stock up. The costs will just roll over to July’s food budget.
Some of the things I got at Target before I went to Smith’s, now they could have also waited, but I didn’t know when the next time I’d be at Target, so I thought I’d get it while I was there. 🙂

Jon should do the shopping I’ve decided.

Also, while at Target I saw a loss prevention sting in action. As I walked in and went by the Women’s section and the hand bags, I saw a guy in black shirt and khakis crouching and looking towards the dressing rooms. Well, I just continued to walk and then saw him dash past me into the lingerie section. I saw him meet up with another guy in polo and khakis and they continued to monitor the dressing room or men’s area. Then I turned down an isle and a their was another guy in khakis and a polo in the women’s shoe department also watching the same area. Lilah at this point was already asking questions about the guy hiding earlier and then this other guy hiding. I started to say that they were watching someone who was stealing, but I stopped after that because I didn’t know who they were watching and I didn’t want the suspect to hear me.
I later saw the same guys and they were talking to their supervisor about the description of the guy. It seems that he got away, or decided to not steal from what I heard.

I’ve never noticed loss prevention at Target. My dad did loss prevention at Sears for a long time, so as a kid and teenager I liked to watch for men in khakis and polo’s with walkie talkies in department stores. Now they probably just use cell phones. I also knew what they were doing the moment I saw the first guy meet up with the other in lingerie, though it could have been a strange hide and seek game of 18- 20 something year old guys.
So that was my Target trip. Loss prevention in action. Too bad they couldn’t prevent me from loosing my spending habits while there.

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