Fourth of July

For the fourth we had a couple of engagements.
Jon’s first engagement was to change the oil to his car. So he went to his parents early Wednesday morning. They have a nice flat drive way so he doesn’t have to worry about being run over by a car while changing it on the street.
While he was gone I got the girls and myself ready and once he showered we went to my friend Anna’s house for lunch with her and her husband Kevin.
The girls had a blast playing with the stuffed animals they have and petting the cats. Well, petting the cats for the short moments while they weren’t hiding from the girls.
We had delicious hamburgers, potato salad and I brought a green salad and Creamies. We didn’t get to the Creamies so I just left them there as a thank you. (We had creamies in Ely with Andrea and Brien and so when I saw them on sale for 3 boxes for $5 on my recent Smith’s trip and I couldn’t resist.)
Neither Eden or Lilah ate very well but they did drink all the apple juice they could.
After lunch Anna, Lilah and I went to JoAnn’s to pick out fabric for the dress she’s making me for Carolyn’s wedding. (She’s trying to start her own business on the side for now.)
I think it’ll be very cute so I can’t wait.
Eden was asleep by the time we got to JoAnn’s so Jon just sat in the car with her. We took an hour and a half so I feel bad that he was out there for so long (I love you honey.) but, Eden did sleep the whole time.
After JoAnn’s we went to a party that was for Carolyn’s office. She was kind enough to invite us and JC, who is Naia’s grandfather and knows who I am, was very kind to let us crash it. Lilah went swimming and had a blast and Eden did also. They both were doing very well in the pool and Lilah was getting herself around pretty well with the floaty that Minnie provided, JC’s wife. It was a blast.
We came home and just relaxed. We popped popcorn and later opened the blinds and watched our neighbors fireworks and then we watched them on whatever show that was on PBS. Lilah wanted fireworks but she hates loud noises, so even if we bought quiet ones there was no guarantee our neighbors wouldn’t be lighting off loud ones while we were outside.
It was fun day, but it took it’s toll on Eden.
Warning: very yucky details ahead.

When Jon was leaving for work this morning he went in to find that Eden had vomited in the night sometime. So he came in to me and said “Houston we have a problem” to get me up and in their room. Eden was still asleep and the vomit was dark brown and in large, dried chunks so at first we were confused about what it was, vomit or poop? I’ve heard of the horror stories of children eating their poop and she’s been so much trouble lately that I wouldn’t be surprised if she had. Well, her diaper was clean and at a closer smelling we decided it was vomit. Jon helped me a little with getting Eden out of bed but he had to leave for work so I finished cleaning up and got the girls into a bath. I think she got sick because she only ate some tomato and chips at lunch, accompanied by apple juice and then for dinner she hate a hot dog, no bun, and had gatorade and then popcorn with a little water at our house that night. So with the combination of hardly any water, eating only food that was not the best for her and being outside swimming on a hot day she got sick. She’s been fine today but we stayed home from a birthday party. It too was outside and I just wanted to keep her inside and get her system normal.
So that’s the whole holiday happenings.
It was tons of fun, just a little sad today.

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