the girls

Naia had a fever all week long. She had no other symptoms besides being a little grumpy so we thought it was just teething. She’s 4 1/2 months, in which some children do teethe this early, and it was just a fever. Eden had a fever off and on the whole weekend. Now she could have caught it from Naia, but she also could have gotten sick from being in the nursery class on Thursday. Neither would surprise me. Yesterday she had to stay home from church and the big family home evening we have with my family once a month. She was sad, but she had a Daddy day.
Now her birthday is coming up this week. We’re probably going to just stay home. We do have swimming planned, but it was more coincidental than on purpose (I don’t have Naia on Wednesday and so we planned swimming and then I realized it was her birthday.), but we’ve gotten clouds in this week and it’s monsoon season so I’m afraid we may not be able to go swimming. According to the weatherman it should still be cloudy and thunderstorms are likely. We’re mostly planning her favorite meal for dinner that night, which seems to be potpies with rice, and a cake. It won’t be as crazy as Lilah day, no party, but I don’t think she’ll care. She doesn’t eat pizza lately so Chuck E’ Cheese is a little unappealing. Though she did love the slide. We’d go to a park but if it wasn’t raining it would be hot and humid so that’s out of the question. Maybe we’ll play some inside games and chase her around. She loves being chased.

In a way I already think of her as being two. She gets 2 minutes for time out and has for a couple months now. She also is stubborn and hasn’t eaten her lunches lately. (She doesn’t eat the crust so I give it to her first the next day and she either doesn’t eat it or she plays with it, which gives her a time out and it put away for dinner.) I guess I feel as though she acts two so she seems to be two and has for a while. She also talked sooner than Lilah did so I think that aged her in my mind. Lilah didn’t really talk until about a week before she turned two where Eden has been saying a lot for a while.
My baby is getting big. I find myself holding her more lately and trying to enjoy these moments.

Side thought: There’s this boy in our ward that is 3 weeks older than Eden but really small. So small that I often think of him as being just one. When we were at a Relief Society activity the mom had him and he was getting in trouble. I heard her discipline him and my first thought was he wouldn’t understand her since he was so little but then I remembered he was Eden’s age and I often talk like that to Eden too. I think as a parent you know what your kids understand but forget what other kids might understand. People often underestimate what kids can comprehend if they don’t know them.

Lilah thought:
Lilah hurt her arm when I was at my parents on Wednesday. She did a belly flop on their linoleum floor and her left arm caught a lot of the weight. She’s been hurting since then. I had her arm in a scarf brace for a couple of days and my friend Sam also gave me some homeopathic medicine for bumps and bruises. She likes it and asks for it often and even though I can give it to her a lot I only like to twice a day. I don’t know if she hurt her arm seriously since some times she really babies it and other times she acts like nothing is wrong with it. Also, she hurt it on Wednesday and then Thursday she fell off my bed onto her hurt arm, so I think she hurt it again. I thought she was faking it mostly but then at my parents house yesterday my father accidentally hurt it while tickling her since I forgot to warn anyone about it. So I worry a little that’s it’s serious but at the same time I have a hard time since it appears that she plays it up for sympathy. Anyways the arm thing has made her very whinny lately. I guess the whining thing is a big circle. It gets better and then worse and right now it’s driving me nuts.
So I have a disabled daughter. I want to take her to the doctor but at the same time I think it’s fine, but like I said she still babies it and it appears to hurt easily if you do something to it. I just don’t know what to do.

Now, I should get sewing. I got out of my groove and didn’t sew this whole weekend. Instead I cleaned my bathrooms, a worthy cause but they’re not getting married in less than four weeks.

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