Real original FHE.

Last night we all took a trip to the grocery store for FHE. We needed to go grocery shopping since we were completely out of milk and we’ve had only one egg since I made Eden’s cake on Wednesday. One of us needed to go and neither of us wanted to go alone so we all went. It was fun to be together.
Jon and I always did our grocery shopping together before we had Lilah. We would both keep each other in line from going over our budget, or we’d also go over together. (If he wasn’t there I’d wouldn’t buy the snack I wanted, like ice cream, if I was already at our limit, but if we were together we’d often decide that it was OK.)
We really enjoyed our grocery shopping trips and of course it was time being spent together. Once we had Lilah Jon would sometimes go alone or I’d go to just to get out of the house. I think I went alone a lot and if Jon went he’d often take Lilah once she got older. It more depended on how much time we had to run the errand. Jon and Lilah would always have fun daddy daughter time when they went together so I enjoyed seeing them come home and Lilah excitedly showing me what they got. (He semi-regularly got something that really interested our little girl, like a ball or ice cream cones.) Once Eden came along it was usually one of us going alone, though we still took Lilah. In fact we got into the habit of only taking Lilah until Eden became old enough to realize that she was being left behind, then we started rotating who we took. I still do most of the shopping and I like to do it alone, especially if I hit two stores, which I often try to do.

Well last night was fun. Jon had Eden walking instead of in the cart and she loved it. She also love grabbing things that were at eye level and right there for her little hands. The best thing was to distract her and have her bring the other parent the grocery item that we were getting in that isle. Eden was good most of the time, but had to be put in the cart for the check out line, in which she was not too happy.Once the cashier gave her stickers she was happy the rest of the time.
It was fun to have us all together. I liked it when I didn’t know where the lemon juice was and Jon did so he went all the way back to the produce isle to get it for me and Eden trucked along with him. It was cute.
While Jon was getting the lemon juice Lilah and I were looking at the vitamins.
Lilah at one point hugged me and asked, “Where’s Hunny Bunny?”
me: “Hunny Bunny? Who’s Hunny Bunny?”
Lilah: “Daddy’s Hunny Bunny.”
Me: “Who calls Daddy Hunny Bunny? You don’t.”
Lilah: “You call Daddy Hunny Bunnny. Why do you call Daddy Hunny Bunny?”
Then I go into the explanation of nick names and how we often call people several names.
She replies saying that some people call Daddy Jonathan too.
I thought this was funny mostly because Lilah has never called us anything but mommy, mom, Daddy or dad.
She has called me Lacey after Katy had, but even then she didn’t know who she was really referring too and said my name wasn’t Lacey, it’s Mommy.
I also think I haven’t called Jon Hunny Bunny in a little bit, but she filed that information somewhere and it came out while at the grocery store.
If it weren’t for the fact that it takes more time and I’m not getting my alone time I’d have us all go to the grocery store more often.

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