Bad Mommy! No yelling!

I had a few things that I wanted to get done today. The day started out late but we still got to my mom’s house around 11:30. I left the girls there so I could run some errands.
I had to get my rings checked out at the jewelers. They’re so nice and shiny now.
I had to buy some bras. Wahoo for new bras!
While at that store I bought a cute purse. It’ll go well with the dress I’m wearing for Carolyn’s wedding.
I looked at earrings and necklaces to go with my dress, but I just can’t seem to find what I want.
I did find a cute sterling silver dangle set of earrings. Not too much dangle since I don’t wear earrings often.
I put them on in the car and almost didn’t get them in since it’s been forever since I wore earrings.
I went to Target to get sheets. Were getting a bed this Saturday and I need queen sheets, opposed to our full sized sheets for our small full sized bed.
I couldn’t find any jewelry there to go with my dress either.
Baby stuff was on clearance so I got some good deals on baby stuff since we’re having Andrea’s baby shower Labor day weekend.
I wanted to buy some organic cotton sheets that are oh so pretty, but it would have been $60 for sheets and pillow cases. *cough *cough. Jon said I should get the cheaper ones, still 250 thread count, but not as soft and not shiny. 🙁 maybe some day I’ll have very luxurious sheets. 🙂

I got to my moms around 1:45 and ate some lunch and then started working on putting Lilah’s zipper on her dress. Since I sew about once a year I forget how to do this and my sewing machine doesn’t have a zipper foot.
I ran into a lot of problems. It was soo frustrating. I was about to go home with an unfinished zipper when I heard my mom tell the kids to start getting their cloths off since they were muddy. (It had rained that morning and where they’d normally play in the dirt it was a wonderful mud pond.)
I got mad.
I wanted to go home and they were now muddy!
Eden started walking in the house with muddy feet and I said in the ‘pay attention to mommy immediately’ voice to “GO OUTSIDE NOW.”
Lilah then decided to proceed in with muddy feet once Eden was outside so I had to use the ‘pay attention to mommy immediately‘ voice on her also. They both started crying, no doubt because it was way past nap time. I lifted Eden and got her in the shower in the down stairs bathroom. It’s a shower so of course she was scared of it and trying to get herself out of the water since this was her first experience with a shower, and lately she’s even been scared of our sprinkler! I of course was just fighting her back and telling her we had to clean up. Lilah came in and I got her in the shower also. I was upset and I threatened that we could never come back since they had gotten muddy. Lilah then said that she was done getting muddy and wouldn’t get muddy again. I felt bad but I was so stressed and I had only a onsie for Eden and not even a change of underwear for Lilah in the diaper bag.
They got cleaned up and while we waited for Lilah’s underwear to dry I took out my mistake in the zipper and had a conversation with Lilah about mommy’s getting mad when their kids get dirty. I apologized and asked if she was having fun and she said yes. Of course she had fun she had played in the mud all day Saturday too, but that was in a swimsuit.
I got the zipper in finally and have decided to put the bow on the back of the dress as to cover my mistakes.
I have a temper similar to my fathers and I know I was treating my mother like he does when he gets upset.
“How you could you let them get muddy and play outside?”
(Really she didn’t realize it was muddy and just thought they’d have more fun outside. Katy and Howie were there at this time and they all got muddy together.)
“I knew I should have gone home sooner, then they would have stayed cleaned!”
(It was good that they got muddy because now I have a complete zipper and not a still needs to be fixed zipper on Lilah’s dress.)
I felt really bad. I was a bad mommy and daughter. I called and apologized just now, but I still feel bad. My anger gets the better of me at times and I’d rather get mad then suck it up and go with the flow.
Sorry Mom for getting so upset, but you gave me my fathers temper instead of your patience while I was still in the womb. 🙂

One Response to “Bad Mommy! No yelling!”

  1. Amber Says:

    I’ve been a less than patient mother and daughter lately too. It happens to the best of us (obviously since it’s happened to you and me ;). I’m going to be in Las Vegas Labor Day weekend!! When is the shower? (Watch me invite myself). Yay for a new bed!!