Rubber band boogers

So we’ve decide no more little rubber bands for Eden’s hair. She’s pulled the last trick and put the last rubber band into her body.
Today she was asleep once we got home from a morning of errands. I laid my angel down and she and Lilah took long naps.
Well both girls awoke and at some point before I got in there Eden took her hair holders out once again.
I asked where they went and she said her nose. I couldn’t see anything when I look up her nose with a light and we found one of the rubber bands in her bed. I would have taken her to a quick care right away but we have a well doctor’s appointment tomorrow. So I was torn, should I talk her or do I wait? Well the night progressed and I checked up there after dinner sometime. I saw where it was lodged and as I went to retrieve it with tweezers the thought that I could do more harm then good came to mind since it was in a precarious spot and then I remembered how a woman’s son had aspirated a popcorn corneal and had lots of problems. I finally decided to take her to a quick care. It was 7:45 and I was I hoping to get there before 8 pm. Well it didn’t matter that I made it there before 8 because it closed at 7:30pm. I called Jon and asked him to page the doctor to see if it could wait until tomorrow. I guess he chuckled at the thought of waiting and said, yes we should get it taken care of tonight. I was waiting at Target to return shoelaces while he paged the doctor so I just finished some shopping.
(We’ve decided to try the little barrettes to see if they’ll keep her hair out of her face, since Jon won’t let me cut bangs on her.)
I went to the ER and waited forever. We finally got in and it took very little time to get the small clear rubber band out. I think it was easily 1/2 inch in but more between 3/4 to an inch deep within her nasal cavity from how far the light thingy went up her nose. The first doctor couldn’t find it at first so I think for a few seconds he thought I was just an overreacting mother until he spotted it. I held her head while the first doctor held the light and the main doctor retrieved it and a nurse watched and also held Eden’s head. It was a little scary for Eden and she didn’t want to talk after that, but she did give the nurse a high five.
Eden got stickers and I received lots of complements on her cuteness and her good behavior of being calm while they got the rubber band out.
So that was my night. I got home around 10:40pm and Eden was still awake, as was Lilah who was anxiously awaiting her sisters arrival.
Oh the adventures of motherhood!

3 Responses to “Rubber band boogers”

  1. Amber Says:

    Okay- I need to show you how I keep my girl’s hair out of their faces. It’s in such a way that they can’t get the rubberbands out. But since it’s 2 in the morning I’ll have to do it tomorrow. (Little bit of insomnia happening here.)

  2. Lacey Says:

    Now you want to tell me your secret? Jon’s band rubber bands, though I still want to use them for the wedding.

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