Well, I’ve been a little busy with my enrichment calling and with the wedding.
I was at my mom’s house all day Friday. I was sewing, in which Eden’s dress is now done and I have just the hand sewing to do! I do need to sew bows but those are on the bottom of my list of things to do. Julie picked Naia up from my parents and Andrea came into town that afternoon. My Aunt Susan was also in town for a conference so I stayed for dinner Friday night, besides the fact that I didn’t finish putting the zipper in until 5:30 and I knew cereal would be what Jon had for dinner. After dinner I took the girls over to Sears and got a little something for Carolyn’s bridal shower, which was Saturday.
Because of my various forgetfulness I didn’t get the girls home until 9:30 pm and I was grumpy.
I knew Jon would have Saturday with them so I didn’t worry too much about him seeing the girls, though he didn’t see me very much this weekend either.
Saturday was Carolyn’s Bridal shower. I won the game that dealt with who knew the most about Carolyn. 13 out of 20. She’s pretty secretive so I’m proud that I knew/ remembered most of the answers.
Carolyn is my kinda helper/ payee for the baby shower that I’m/ we’re throwing for Andrea. Julie will actually be doing most of the help since Carolyn will be in Maui for a Honeymoon  and then back to work. I’m very grateful for Julie, so far she’s written the invitations and will probably be helping with food. It’s nice to have someone else to help. I know Caorlyn will help where needed, but with the wedding and honeymoon it’s mostly picking up food or a cake that she’d have to worry about.

I’m going  a little nuts with everything I have to worry about. I have to plan my lessons for Lilah’s class and even though we get a few pages with ideas sometimes they’re not as age appropriate and they only really fill up one lesson, in which I have two to worry about. 2 hours can be such a  long time with toddlers. Things you hope to take 10 minutes take 5 and some things that you hope to take 5 take 10. If I have time at the end I usually just dance to various songs with the kids. Sam is also my assistant and is super creative, or at least knows where to go to get great ideas, and has experience teaching, so I’m a little nervous. It’s mostly filling up the whole time I worry about though.

I’m also busy planning/ coordinating a big enrichment, in which the enrichment isn’t that big but the activity that weekend is. I have a hard time delegating. I feel that coordinating and delegating isn’t a job so I volunteer for things that I want done, but only by me. I know, I know,  I need to get better. I have a super great committee who do what they’re suppose to so it’s more a matter of saying yes I have time to do this and I should do this, or no I don’t have time and someone else can do it. I feel a little overwhelmed right now, but that’s because we just had a meeting and this is the first one I’m completely over and it’s a big one. I think I’ll be fine once I get things sorted at a little more.
So the wedding August 18th
Baby Shower September 1st
Enrichment Sept 13th and 15th
The next Enrichment soon after on Nov 8th.

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