Sunday talk

Today I gave a talk in sacrament. Being the procrastinator I am I wrote most of the talk Saturday, I did do my research on Friday, and I did a little revising last night and then a little more revising this morning. This morning we were running a little behind when I finally went to print out the talk and I asked Jon to watch the printer and make sure everything went OK.
It didn’t.
My printer jammed and it would not work…it still isn’t working.
I was freaking out and it was 8:52 am. Our church starts at 9.
I had the thought to call Beth Jewitt, a women I’m friends with in the ward, we also go swimming at her house,  and she sometimes shows up late to church. She was home. I e-mailed my talk to her and she said she would print it out.
We got to church late. I told the bishopric my little mishap during the opening song and if my talk wasn’t there by my time to speak I’d go last.
It was the shortest and longest sacrament ever.
I was about to cry thinking about going to the podium without my notes, quotes and scriptures that I had marked, or copy and pasted into my talk. To keep me from crying I began jotting down the scriptures I had looked up for the talk and tried to remember the different major points and my transitions including what quotes I had planned. I was also praying that the pdf I sent Beth would print up and that she’d be there after the sacrament was done. (I’ve sent her a document before for church stuff and it wasn’t pdf so there was a little bit of trouble with it. I was hoping that she would have no trouble printing my talk.)
After the sacrament was passed and the young men sat down they opened the doors to the foyer and Beth walked in with her daughter and with my talk in hand.
I was saved!
The bishopric member conducting announced that I would be speaking after the youth speaker since I had told him Beth would be bringing me my talk.   I wanted to read it over but I was just too nervous and happy that it worked out.

I started my talk saying how I learned that you should not wait until the last minute to print your talk because your printer may not work, and to remember which friend comes late to church so you can call them for help.  My talk was on education.

I thanked her later before relief society and she joked that this could have been the day for her to come on time to church. Truthfully it’s a 50/50 chance that they’re late, but I was soo happy that today she was still at home and able to print out my talk.

She truly is a life saver.

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