Party time!

Today was Andrea’s baby shower. Not many people RSVPed and there was another girl from UNLV who had a shower today also, plus it was a holiday weekend. So we had about 5 guest to start out, then us 4 Harvey girls and my mom, then after I did games and Andrea began opening presents 1 guest came with her daughter and grand baby and then 2 more also showed up.
So it was small and got off to a slow start but I think they had fun. I hope anyways.

We played a game where I had 20 questions about Andrea and her pregnancy, we measured the belly and then we did a price is right game. Instead of doing the memory game we had the products and they had to match them to one of the prices listed. Most of what I bought I got on clearance, so in total I paid about 65-70% of what all the prices came to. People were surprised to actually look at the normal retail prices of things, it was kinda funny.
I didn’t do the pin game, though I think it might have added a little fire to the group had Julie been on the look out for those who had their legs crossed or said baby, depending on the twist we gave it.

I think it went well overall and once the presents were done with there was a lot of conversing.

I was a little sad that it was a small turn out. I tried to get good gifts for the games, also things that were on clearance but nice, and have fun food, we had chocolate fondue. We also had chocolate covered popcorn for the guests to take home. I guess all that matters is that Andrea had a good time and that those who were there did too.
Since we had it on the other side of town, Carolyn’s new house is at Mountain’s Edge near Blue Diamond and Rainbow, I think some people may have been deterred to come. Part of me feels bad if that was a reason, but the valley is so big now that no where is going to be convenient for all and so I guess if you wanted to be there you were.
I think once everyone was there, a total of 14 adults, 3 toddlers and 2 babies, it was just the right size for Carolyn’s house.
I had Jon come with me so he could keep an eye on the girls and so those who know the girls, but don’t see them, could see them. Such as Veronica from UNLV, who brought her granddaughter so Andrea could meet her, and Deniece, whom Andrea use to work with and knows me too. I also think they’re cute and like to show them off.:) So kids were not not aloud but we did want to keep it to where they would be supervised by their parent since Carolyn and Derek’s home isn’t exactly child friendly.

Over all I think it went well. We actually had one person show up after all the guest had left, but that’s when she was able to come.
I’m happy Carolyn let us use her house, and I had fun going over there the night before and putting together furniture and rearranging furniture so it would be ready for Saturday. I tried to put the couch chair back to where it was but I’m sure Derek will have to fix it.

Eden feel asleep on the way home, in which she had to sleep on our bed because her bed is covered in toys from before we left.
Lilah feel asleep and then Jon and I feel asleep on the couch. We woke up about 7 and got dinner, which was cereal, around 7:30.
I actually haven’t eaten yet.

I now need to go over my lesson a little for church and write a talk for Lilah.
Even though we killed Derek’s printer my sister Kristi has an extra one that they’re willing to give us. Hopefully we don’t somehow kill this one too! (knock on wood), but it is a really nice one and fairly new.

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