I often play teasing games with my girls. Like I’ll ask what should we have for lunch and suggest we eat Eden and then they say “Nooo, we don’t eat Eden!” and then I’ll suggest Lilah and they say “Noo, we don’t eat Lilah!” and so forth.
I think I’ve also mentioned how I like to substitute the girls names in songs. Like in Ba Ba black sheep I’ll say one for the little Lilah/Eden who lives down the lane and they always reply “No, that’s not how it goes! One for the little boy!”
I really love it.
Lately I’ve been playing a game with Eden to ask her what she did at nursery or in her class.
Did you go swimming? No! Did you color?  Yes!
But I’ve realized now that I can ask her an open ended question and know that she probably is giving me the correct answer which means I’m having meaningful conversations with my two year old and she’s expressing to me her day when I ask questions.
Which means she’s growing up.  🙁
Yesterday I asked her what she watched at Carolyn’s house and she was able to tell me Fox and the Hound.
Then this morning I asked what she had for breakfast and she told me oatmeal.
Communication is great, but it makes me a little sad to see her growing up.
I really love the age Eden is at. She’s still little but she’s talking and responding and knows what she wants, though knowing what she wants can be a pain.

My baby is growing up.
Of course if Eden heard me call her a baby she’d say “Noo, I’m not a baby! Naia a baby!”

One Response to “Conversing”

  1. Nice neice Says:

    We play the same kinds of “games” with our boys too. Our most common one is to say, “I’m hungry, I think I ‘ll have Matthew in a soup”. They love it. I actually read something the other day, it said that doing that is a good way to help kids learn…..gee whiz, we’re genius moms and we didn’t even know it. 🙂