Today I took Lilah to the doctor.
Ever since the wedding Lilah’s had symptoms that have made me think she has a urinary tract infection and then they went away and then she got a fever Monday night and has been using the bathroom a lot. So I bit the bullet and took her to see the doctor, well the nurse practitioner, to have things checked out.
According to the in office test she doesn’t have a UTI but she does have a lot of protein in her urine, which is bad if it turns out to be something because that means something is going on with her kidneys.
It might have been a fluke. But they’re going to have some test run to make sure she doesn’t have a UTI and to see if the protein is a sign of something worse. I should know the results by Friday but I may have to bring in a sample from the first urination Lilah does Friday morning, guess where it’ll have to be stored, and then bring it in. If the protein is still high they’ll do blood test.
The nurse didn’t seem too worried, but at the same time right now there is no reason to really worry, though I kinda do anyways.

The reasons why I brought Lilah in are the following: one, she either really does have something wrong with her and I want to know, in which I feel like something is going on, or two she’s fine and I don’t have to feel guilty when I don’t want to take her to the bathroom 2 minutes have she’s gone just to have her sit there and do nothing. It’s not a problem at home because she’s on her own but when we’re out it’s kinda annoying. I missed different speeches at the wedding because it started right then that night.
I’m mostly worried that something is wrong and what it could be. She did say that it’s possible to have protein in the urine if the child’s been playing and what not, but she also said it was bad to have protein in the urine because of what it might mean.

I almost didn’t blog about this because it may be nothing, but it’s what’s on my mind today.

(I did some research and it looks like their is a benign kind of proteinuria, in which this information brings a little bit of ease to my day to know their can be a reason for protein in the urine without it being serious. )

After the doctor’s appointment I dropped off tupperware to Carolyn and then went to Kristi’s house to let Lilah and Kaitlynn play, only to have my mom take Katy after we’d been there an hour to get her hair cut. Though Lilah’s fever had begun again and she just wanted to be cuddled on the couch in a blanket.

The excitement of the day was this though:
I went to get Eden and she’d climbed onto the changing table and was taking the wipes out, something she loves to do.
Kristi was putting Adrianne down for a nap so I just took Eden and got a bag to put the wipes in. I hear Kristi say she stepped into something wet and then she picked it up to discover it was poop! So gross! but I just laughed and kept laughing to myself. She asked if Eden was poopy and she didn’t look poopy from the top of the diaper near her waist, but then at the leg you could tell she was poopy and a little had leaked out. So I kept laughing because Kristi stepped in Eden’s poop! Oh so gross.

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