Cute things.

We do a game where we pretend to snore and recently I’ve made it so you have to kiss the person to wake them up. I snore and Eden kisses me so I say “Thank you for waking me up”. She snores and I kiss Eden and then she tells me “Thank you for kisses and waking me up.” It’s too cute.
We’ve also taught Eden to kiss on demand of any puckering lips. I love getting kisses from my girls but I teased that we could be doing a bad thing to teach Eden to always give kisses.

Funny thing of the day.
The girls were fighting and Jon went back there.
Jon- “What are you doing?”
Eden- “We’re fighting.”
At least she was honest in which Lilah usually gives some excuse, Eden took this, or I want this. It was just a straight up answer from Eden.
I suppose this might be more amusing to us as parents because of the cute voice Eden used and it goes with my thought on Eden conversing more and giving correct answers. “We’re fighting.” te-he-he. She’s so cute.

I love this age.

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