going out

This summer we participated in the local libraries reading program, well it was really Clark County’s reading program. Even though my girls don’t read, if I read to them or did different activities it would count. So for the prizes for reading 20 books were: a free book for each girl, a book bag to take to the library and a free pass to the Lied Discovery Children’s Museum for each girl, I think we got a free pencil also and put into drawing for a vacation type trip that we obviously didn’t win, dang it.
Yesterday Sam and I were going to go to the museum together so the girls could play and explore together, but after Labor day it’s closed Mondays except school holidays. So I may have to go by myself with the girls this Wednesday, the only other day I don’t have Naia this week.
Since the museum was closed Sam suggested we come over and have the girls swim with Britta in the kiddy pool they bought on clearance at Target. My girls had lots of fun, and so did Britta for the first 10 minutes. Sam said she’s not one to stay outside for long, even if she has been begging to go outside. Lilah and Eden were having lots fun sliding into the pool so they played until almost noon. Then we made my girls get out of the pool and we had lunch and then the girls played in Britta’s room. I was there for a very long time, so I’m thankful to Sam for letting us stay and play. She was doing cleaning while I was there, but I’m totally fine with that if I’m at someones house for a long period of time.
We left and on the way home stopped and registered Lilah for her gymnastics class at the community center. I’m seeing how well she likes the tumbling and whatever they’ll be doing because she enjoyed dance, but she likes to do more trick type stuff and balancing when she’s at home. I’ll probably have her do gymnastics in the fall and dance in the spring. Though if she’s continually excited about gymnastics I might keep her in it, because her excitement for dance weaned off, but that may have been because she just wanted to stay and play with Britta instead of go to class. I think she might like dance this year because they also get to do tap, but she’d have to try it at least.

So today I have Naia and too slightly ornery girls. Lilah wants us to go somewhere, she really wants to go to the park, but she always wants to go somewhere, and I’m just not ready to venture out where I’d be alone and responsible for 3 girls and have no help.

I’m a baby. I know it.

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