Can you read me line 1?

I had an eye doctor’s appointment today. Judy Lee watched my girls and I took Naia with me to the doctor. I figured one child that I can leave in a car seat would be much easier than 3 children with 2 that would move around at their own free will. I’m also responsible for Naia once Julie leaves her in my care, so I’d feel bad leaving her with another babysitter.

My eye prescription didn’t need to be changed and so this will make two consecutive years that my vision hasn’t changed.

I’m sad because I wanted new glasses.
We gorilla glued a nose piece that had fallen off about two weeks ago so I was hoping that I’d have a valid excuse and would need a new prescription since the gorilla glue is like super strong super glue and my glasses are bound to break in every other place besides my right nose piece now. I’ve never kept a prescription longer than a year, which means I’ve never had a pair of glasses for longer than 2 years because I think once we just had the lenses changed.
I am happy to have my eyes stabilized. I wear a -5.00 which is pretty blind, so had my eyes continued to change like they have in the past I’d probably be legally blind by 35. My doctor mentioned how at age 23-24 women’s eye sight stabilizes and that’s the age they suggest getting laser eye surgery. I would love to get laser eye surgery but it costs too much money to even consider when you have a house payment, a car payment and home improvements to pay for, not to mention other costs that “come” up. I’ll probably be forty or seventy by the time laser eye correction becomes a priority, or legally blind. Maybe they’ll have a magic pill I can take by then.

If you go here you can kinda experience how blind I am.
When I complete an eye exam I can’t even tell that the top letter is an “E”. All I see is a blur with no distinguishable shape.

On an up side whenever I have the Lee’s watch my kids they always tell me I need to bring them over more often because it takes them so long to warm up to the place. Judy had to take kids to school and so it wasn’t until about 20 minutes before I came to get the girls that they left the couch once the kids were dropped off. I guess that’s what I get for having shy children.

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  1. andrea Says:

    I am so lucky to have good eyesight. I just have a slight astigmatism in my right eye, but my sight is 20/20 or better. Really it depends on how much I want to concentrate on reading the small print. Since I see a different eye doctor every time they have no idea what my vision history is.