Nothing to do but worry.

Jon took Lilah to the doctor because she woke up looking like this.



I don’t know what caused it yet, because he’s the one at the doctor’s. I wonder if she was having a reaction to the steroid or if the steroid just wasn’t strong enough to fight off the hives and she’ll need shoots.

When I talked to the nurse she mentioned a little boy who was so far along with hives that he needed steroid shots, so she may be in the same boat, otherwise I’d just think it’s a reaction to the steroids.

All I know is she looked better Wednesday morning after I gave her the first dose of steroid the night before. Later in the day I noticed her eyes were getting puffy. I had given her a second dose that morning. It was near the evening when the third steroid dose was to be administered so I thought she was just needing the medicine. Her welts were also coming back.
I gave her the evening dose of steroid and her face seemed to become inflamed before she even went to bed a couple hours later. When I was putting hydro-cortisone on her face to help the itch I noticed her jaw line was also swollen.
I was mostly just concerned at this point.
Later in the night I looked up some info and found something about angiodema. It worried me because Lilah had swollen eyelids and a swollen jawline. I worried that her breathing might become difficult so she was in bed with me again.
She survived the night. Since she continued to breath just fine and wasn’t in large amounts of pain or discomfort we just waited until 8 am to call the doctor and Jon took her in since I didn’t want to inconvenience Julie again.
So he’s with her and I’m at home worrying.
I haven’t heard anything from him so I’m guessing it’s going as smoothly as to be expected.

I’ve decided that I’m not going to let Eden ever have anything from the penicillin family. This is just too troubling to deal with again.


Jon’s home. Lilah will need a steroid shot every day for 4-5 days it looks like. So I have to travel to Henderson every day. Thankfully they’re going to wave the co-pay, because that would make this ordeal $140-160 alone.

She’s in the second stage of hives, the next stage is where skin comes off or as the nurse said sloughs off. Yuck. It appears that she won’t get to that stage.

Since a little boy recently had the same thing happen to him in their office they’re also testing her urine for a virus, just in case. I’m guessing this sever of a reaction doesn’t happen often, so to have it happen twice within a short time frame is unexpected.

She looks a little better but is still very swollen like this morning.
I think I’ll reschedule the family pictures we’re suppose to have on Wednesday. 🙁

4 Responses to “Nothing to do but worry.”

  1. andrea Says:

    Brien looked just as bad, worse in some ways. I mentioned Lilah’s reaction to him last night and he told me that it actually took him a week to get back to looking normal (not just a few days as I previously thought). It was so miserable for him as an adult, I can’t imagine going through it with a child.

    Can you have Eden tested to see if she is allergic? It could be useful information for the future or if an emergency situation arises.

  2. Jonathan Blake Says:

    As I was sitting in the doctor’s office this morning, I looked at my little girl who looked like she’d gone ten rounds in a prize fight. I realized that, yes, I could love my girls even if they weren’t so cute. The fact that they’re beautiful is just icing on this father’s cake. Now I don’t have to wonder anymore.

  3. Carolyn Says:

    Poor Lilah 🙁 Sorry you guys are going through this. If I can do anything lrt me know.

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