Thank you…

Auntie Carolyn and Uncle Derek!

Lilah loves the flowers and the bear- even if her face doesn’t show it.
(She’s not showing much of any emotion right now except discomfort for her hands and arm.)
Her mommy really enjoyed the surprise also.


Flowers!- Hey where’s the excitement? She was busy asking why people send flowers.


A little smile.



Sausage fingers. Not a good pic- really just a close crop of a larger one, but her fingers are very swollen.

The hives are also darker in real life. The flash washed out the some of the pinkness she has. She does looks more like herself today though.

Update from 5 minutes ago: 🙂

She loves the bear!






2 Responses to “Thank you…”

  1. Amber Says:

    Poor kid!! But fun to get flowers and a bear! I hope it’s not viral and the rest of you don’t get it along with naia. That would be horrible! I hope she gets better soon.

  2. andrea Says:

    I was talking with Carolyn the other day and she mentioned that she was getting Lilah some flowers. I have to say we have a very thoughtful sister. (I, on the other hand, never wished Kristi a “happy birthday” this month.)