About me

I’ve updated my ‘About‘ page.
I’m sure many of you visit it because you know nothing about me.

Though I’m not sure who visits my blog since only Andrea comments lately.  (Amber what is the secret to keeping hairholders in your girl’s hair?) Though there was much sympathy for Lilah who is mostly all better. I think she’s itchy day in and day out because she wants more bubble gum medicine, AKA dye free Benedryl for children, not that she has any idea what real bubblegum taste like. Though when Lilah does scratch excessively she still gets welts, and I almost took her to the doctor twice this week because I was being paranoid, with good reason mind you. I saw welts and I thought she was getting the hives again, this was Tuesday, two days after the last steroid shot. I gave her Benedryl and the welts went away, but I had to give her Benedryl every 4 to 5 hours to keep her from scratching and causing welts. Now things are  good and she is weaned from all medicine until the next mishap.

If you scroll down the ‘About‘ page is on the right below ‘Pages’ and before the search feature, as of the current blog format, though I’m looking to change things up since fall is here, kinda.

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