Today was Lilah’s second gymnastics class. Last week she was great. She stood in line and listened and even sat when all the other kids were standing, though by sitting she stayed in her one spot instead of moving forward in the line.
She let her teacher do the roll-overs with her and she tried so hard when it came to doing a big jump on the trampoline.

Today was not the same. She didn’t want to wake up from her nap. I tickled her to cheer her up which worked short term but she continued to whine as we got ready.
Once there she didn’t want to do the warm-up stretches so I tried to direct and help her since she was in the back away from the teacher.
Then once in line to do things she decided she would cry. It was frustrating. I helped her a couple of times to do the roll-overs to the kart wheels and each time she would cry once I left her. Then I just decided I’d take her home.
It reminded me too much of her dance class towards the end, when I had to keep encouraging her to go to dance each week and then once there to dance.
It’s no fun if you have to make them do it and if you have to hold their hand and continually encourage them. I fell like it’s her wanting to get my attention, but rather than do it at home than in a class.

I’ve decided if she’s not wanting to go on her own free will, I’m not going to take her. I wanted this to be fun and I want her to want to go.
I feel like her whining is just a way to get attention and I’d rather give her attention for the positive things she does not for whining about a class.

I just get so stressed with her neediness. She’s fine one week and then the next she’s crying and whining for me. I could tell that she was genuinely upset, compared to acting, but it was just frustrating that she did this her second time there. If it had happened last week I’d probably be a little more sympathetic.

Tonight we practiced the roll-overs and the kart wheels they did today at home. She seemed to have fun and I tried to show her some patience. I want to encourage her to not need me while in class. So we may have to try to get there early next week and see if talking to her teacher helps her feel more comfortable again.

If I can’t find patience for her in gymnastics and if she doesn’t start wanting to do it, Jon might have to come home early and take her and we’ll see if his patience pays off.

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