Invisible field

Today I went to do some major clothing and miscellaneous shopping. I needed to return a couple shirts and I needed to buy winter clothes and shoes for the girls and a few things for me. (Jon and I had a discussion that I have never bought socks since I’ve been married. I’ve been given socks, and I only wear socks during the winter, but my socks are getting pretty old. I use to buy a lot before being married, another reason why I haven’t needed to buy socks within the last 5 years. What have you not bought since being married?)
Back to the regular topic.
I live near a shopping center that is a U shape. One store was at one end of the U , one in the middle and the other store at the other end of the U. I parked in the middle of the U so as to be in short walking distance from each store in case I needed to drop bags off before I hit the last store, or Target.
The girls were pretty good. At the first store, or Mervyn’s, Lilah found a marble and it kept her and Eden occupied as I waited in line.
Then we went to see about shoes for Lilah, and she lost her marble, so she got upset before we went to Target. She was “tired” so I told her as long as Eden continued to behave she could be in the shopping cart. Eden was pretty good, but she did knock a few items over that were on low display shelves. Luckily nothing was breakable.
I left Target after getting most of what a needed and a couple of things  that I wanted.
I started to go to the side parking lot and then the the front left wheel stops working and cart stops. I thought that something was stuck in the wheel. I tried to pull the cart, but that wasn’t working and I realize, duh, there was a locking mechanism on the cart so you don’t take it off the property. My car was not viewable where I was with the cart. I had one isle to go and then I was on the opposite side of the next isle.
I was frustrated because I was parked to the side of Target, rather than the front of Target where the main parking is for Target.
I debated on what to do. I had to much stuff to take my children and my bags to the car easily, otherwise I would have left the cart inside the store.
I brought Eden and did a quick run to the car and then I went back for Lilah to get the other half of our things and her. I’m sure the couple cars that drove by were wondering why a little girl was being left in the parking lot.
I am also a person who always, except on those very lazy or rainy days, puts her cart in the designated areas but the wheels would not unlock so I just put the cart out of the way of traffic. Lilah ask why we were leaving it there and even had a little bit of concern in her voice, it was kinda cute.

It was so annoying in the end. I was in the same parking lot as the store and no farther, if not a shorter distance,  than what their parking lot goes in to the front of their store and I couldn’t get to my car! I probably could have taken Lilah out instead on leaving her. I was able to see her from where I was parked. But if I had tried to take all the stuff and the girls I wouldn’t have had a hand to hold for two girls who tend to wander away from me while we’re walking.

It was fun. Carts with locking wheels are a blast.

3 Responses to “Invisible field”

  1. andrea Says:

    I can’t think of anything that I haven’t purchased since I’ve been married that I bought beforehand. We’ve had a good income, so even though I have quite the sock collection I have still bought a few more pairs, black dress and white athletic. (I know that Brien thinks I have plenty of socks, which is true.)

    The real question for us will be: what have you not purchased since you had your baby and money got tight because you downsized to one income?

  2. Molly Says:

    oh my goodness! I’d be so upset! Stupid fancy shopping carts. 🙂 And, I hate it when I lose my marbles too.

  3. Lacey Says:

    I would like to point out that I was pregnant shortly after being married, so the married without children didn’t last long.
    Life does change when you go from two incomes to one.
    Luckily we were poor when we had our first child so I never felt extra financial pressure except in times of underemployment.
    Now we have more money and two kids, but life get expensive very easily.
    I do know the rewards of being home with Zarina will pay off, though I think it takes a certain personality to have the patience and I’m still searching for it in me.

    The cart really sucked. I was pretty upset at the dumb cart.
    Lilah loses something everyday. Whether is be my patience or her own patience with her sister, boy do they drive each other nuts sometimes, but I think the best is when she lost her marble. She was so sad, but I was surprised how quickly she got over it. I think it was because she thought she’d get food if we just went to Target, because Target hot dogs are so delicious to a 4 year old and I’ve been a bad mother and I’ve let her eat Target hot dogs once before. They are 100% beef, I think.