Fire Station

Today we went on a field trip to a local fire station.
The girls had tons of fun and Lilah had her ears plugged most of the time, in which Eden also decided she should plug her ears. It’s becoming my children’s signature.

Plug your ears, everything is loud.
So here goes.


Most of the group.




Jon said at least she puts her fingers in her ears and not her nose and Eden just does what Lilah does.




Our tour guide fire fighter put on his gear for us.



He crawled towards the kids, telling them this is what they would see if they were ever trapped and a fire man needed to get them out.
Most were not hot on the idea of seeing him crawl towards them in his gear.



They turned the trucks lights on.




They showed the kids some of the tools they use .




Sitting in the fire engine.






We went through the whole station.


The tv room was a hit. The kids were fascinated with all the recliners.



The other fire truck came back so went to look at the hoses.

The fireman asked if I wanted to try on the gear, but I’m not too hot on putting on sweaty things. I also didn’t have socks and would have had to put my bare feet in the boots.
One mom had long pants and socks so she was volunteered by her SIL.





Our group.



Are we done taking pictures yet?


The kids had tons of fun and when we came home Lilah played a fire fighter game on the computer.

It was lots of fun and the fire fighters were very nice and spent lots of time with us.

Fun fact: Eden says fighter fighter instead of fire fighter. It’s just cute.

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