The weekend

Friday was a wonderful day. The girls played all day with very little fighting. It was dreamy.

We called Andrea that night and the girls sang happy birthday to her. Her birthday was Monday but I kept remembering  when one girl was asleep or it was in the day while she was at work or her phone line was busy. I found out that she was pretty far dilated, to a 4,  and the doctor thought she might have the baby this weekend. I told her I was at a 5-6 with both girls and had to be induced for both, so I think it’s normal in our family to get far along all on our own. Brien got woozy at the thought of having a baby this weekend and Andrea had to drive home from the appointment. I thought that was funny. I wonder how he’ll be the day of the delivery.

Eden’s costume is mostly done. I just have to put the zipper, collar and the buttons on.
I have to teach Lilah’s preschool type class the next two Thursdays and I’m not sure what I’m going to do. We are having a costume parade the second week so I have two weeks to do Lilah’s costume. I will be working with the costume satin and chiffon and I am totally nervous. Both are soo slippery and the time I’ll spend hunch over my machine is going to make my back ache again.

We had fish an butternut squash tonight, yum.
Lilah’s first primary presentation will be next Sunday. (She’s getting too big!)
I went to her practice yesterday and they had me sit on the stand because they were short like all their teachers but the one who showed up, luckily it was Lilah’s teacher, but I think I hindered Lilah. Lilah puts on a needy persona when I’m around her in new situations, or she acts tired. It totally bugs me, and she was needy and tired while I was on the stand.
When I sat on the congregation’s benches the second time through she did much better, though she did pretend to be tired through one song.
It totally bugs me because I don’t know how to discourage her behavior without wanting to just get upset at her.
I try to be patient but it runs out fast when I know she’s really just fine. Like she was totally fine until I was on the stand to help, and sitting behind her with Eden didn’t help.
I think I would decline a calling in  Primary just because Lilah gets needy around me.
Anyways. Life is pretty normal.

Have a baby Andrea!

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