I can almost smell the newborn.

So they were going to break Andrea’s water today at noon.
I was at my parents house during the madness, well more like grumpiness, of them getting ready to leave.
I kept telling my dad that they baby would be there once he got there so it didn’t matter when they left. (Once he’s ready you must be ready because he gets grumpy, even if it took him a while to get ready.)
Heck if they get there early, they’ll just get to wait around anyways.

My parents also picked up some food from some Chinese restaurant, Payday or something that I’ve never heard of, for the mother and father to be.
I hope the lettuce wraps still taste good after 4 1/2 hours of driving.

It took me 6 1/2 hours to have Lilah after they broke my water, so I think my parents might have to play the waiting game once in Ely, though the left here around 1:30.

I hope the labor goes as smoothly as labor can go. I hope Brien doesn’t faint.

One Response to “I can almost smell the newborn.”

  1. Brien Says:

    I did not faint. Infact I saw things I may never remove from my brain. Your parents arrived around 5:30 pm. They picked up PeiWei’s for us and KFC. For those that do not know PeiWei’s is the order out PF Chang’s and is just as good. You have one in front of Sunset Station. We advise all to stop by. It is cheeper than the parent resturant. The date, time, and baby description is right. She is beautiful.
    Thanks for getting out the info LACEY