Zarina Pictures!

So I’ve finally gotten pictures of baby Zarina!
Brien sent them to a Lacy instead of Lacey on Wednesday night, so once I called today we got it figured out and I just received pictures.

In Brien’s e-mail he said:
She has Andrea’s eyes, nose and checks and my hair color, lips and ears.
we love her a whole lot.

While talking to Andrea she said how easy the birth was. She was a 5-6 going into the hospital so they gave her the epidural right away and then pitocin when her labor was not progressing.
(I can’t complain too much, my labor with Eden went pretty much the same way. I guess Harvey girls are just naturals at this child birthing thing.)

She is very cute, and not an ugly newborn. (Yes, some newborns are ugly, something every expecting parent should talk about. 🙂 )
Andrea said how she had cute chubby thighs, which you can kinda see in the photo’s, but when she lost her newborn weight it was in her thighs.

Congratulations Andrea and Brien! She is adorable and I can’t wait to met her this Thanksgiving!
(I’m kinda jealous of Carolyn being able to have you at her house, but just a little because she will have a newborn at her house. 🙂 )


New Mom with baby Zarina.

Andrea said how she keeps calling her baby girl because it’s weird to call her Zarina, since she was named after a friend, the friend who introduced Brien and Andrea.


After her first bath.



Under the heating lamp.



Daddy’s arm.

Lilah asked who’s arm that was. Was it Brien’s or Andrea’s? I hope it’s not Andrea’s with all that hair. 🙂


Baby Zarina Marie Park!

6 Responses to “Zarina Pictures!”

  1. Amber Says:

    YAY! She’s adorable!! Congrats to the parents (and the happy aunts)

  2. Carolyn Says:

    She is cute with the hat on. Off, she looks a little alien like. Love her anyways!!!

  3. Pedro Says:

    She’s so cute!

  4. Brien Says:

    Thanks for pointing out that you have a difficult name to spell. I must be a moron. or MORMON. which ever.
    Zarina did not introduce us. She sped up the dating process however and later encouraged me to skip out on a prearranged date to go to Six Flags where I heard angels tell me Andrea may be the one. Well now I think it is too late to trade her in, so I will stay with the love of my life and raise our children together. We have been told that children with two parents are the most adjusted and most productive in society. So I think ours will be alright.

  5. mary Says:

    Cute Girl!!!Perfectly Shaped head. Amazing!

  6. Jan Walker Says:

    What a beautiful shaped little head. What a pretty little girl. Good job mom and dad!