Primary Presentation

Today was Lilah’s first primary presentation. I’m getting old. I feel even older knowing that Lilah will be in her second year of Primary come January.

It was a hectic morning. Lilah was suppose to be there at 8:30 am, in which I think they said 8:30 in hopes that the parents would get the kids there by 8:50. 🙂 I took the girls and let Jon finish getting ready on his own. (I made him help me so we could get there at a descent time.) We got there at 8:45 and while walking up to the building I realized I still had on my casual brown flip-flops! I didn’t want to return home since I was waiting for my parents and Jon’s mom and sister to arrive.
I had our regular phone line on call forwarding so I would get any phone calls, so I called my cell phone, I had his, and left a message. He didn’t get it so I wore brown flip-flops with my black skirt and green top. Oh well.

Back to the real post.
Lilah was great. She gave her line, even though it took a second or so for her to start, once at the pulpit.
“Jesus Christ was Heavenly Father’s first born son. I am also a child of God.”
It went by so quickly that I almost wish she had a longer part or another one. 🙂
She gave her line great, and even though she’s shy in certain situations, she’s always spoken well when she’s had to give a talk in primary or say the prayer in front of them. I think talking into a microphone helps.
She was also super cute in her yellow dress and curled hair and she sang, when she wasn’t yawning, all the songs.
She was in the second row of the stand and even though we knew she was standing while singing the songs, she’s so short it was hard to tell if she was standing or sitting.

She sat well during the program and her teacher told me that Lilah said it was soo long, when our primary president came up to to speak at the end. It’s hard to sit still for over an hour, even if you are singing a lot, when you’re a 4 year old.

I got a little choked up once it started and after Lilah gave her line. But since she was at the beginning I was able to control myself the rest of the program.
The primary did a great job and I’m happy we’re in such a great ward.

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