Favorite mop- I know very exciting.

So I’m not much of a floor cleaning lady. In fact I wish I had all carpets, except the kitchen and dining room. But most of my house is fake hard flooring.
I hate mopping and I rarely do it because of how labor intensive I can make it..
It always takes me forever to mop and the floors stay wet far too long when you have little girls.
Not anymore.
I wanted to buy a swifer mop, but it was just too expensive. $30 at Target and no guarantee that I would “mop” my floors regularly. Plus it only comes with anti-bacterial stuff and we’re not for creating super bacterias or having such a spotless house that your immune system actually weakens because it’s not getting the needed germs to stay healthy.
Anyways, that’s why I keep my house dirty so my girls immune system is strengthen.

Go ahead eat off the floor it’ll make you healthy if it doesn’t make you sick.

OK I don’t really tell them to eat off the floor and I don’t keep my house too dirty, though to clean freaks it might be dirty.
If my girls do drop something on the floor I do let them eat it if it’s a dry food or if it can be washed off. If its’ wet and not washable I don’t let them eat it merely because I think it might have dirt or dust or strings now stuck to it if I haven’t swept within the last day.

Anyways. I bought a new mop earlier this month, just $10 at Target, I figured it was cheap enough that if I didn’t use it regularly it wouldn’t be has much of a loss as $30.
Well I used it this morning and I love it.
Unlike my old sponge mop I can wash the mop head. The first reason I bought the Libman mop.
When I used it this morning I was able to have my floors mopped and dried in ten minutes. Ten minutes instead of half an hour! Now I only did about half my floors, but it was the important ones. The dining and kitchen.
Since I can wring so much water out of it, unlike my sponge mop, the floors didn’t get too wet so they dried super fast, at least compared to my old mop.

Anyways the reasons I love fast drying floors are as follow:
Fast drying = less worry about the girls getting footprints on the floor = less getting upset at them for coming near the wet clean floor = I can mop when they’re awake and when I have the energy in the morning rather than waiting for nap time or nighttime when I don’t want to mop anymore.

I also like it because it doesn’t leave streaks on my floor since it uses less water. No streaks = nicer looking floors with less work.
I mostly like it for those three reasons. I like it. I think I might mop more often with this mop which I know Jon would appreciate and probably our visitors.

3 Responses to “Favorite mop- I know very exciting.”

  1. Jonathan Blake Says:

    Not that I’ve been giving you a hard time about having dirty floors.

    I like that you found an inexpensive solution and that you’re optimizing for the times that you have the most energy. I’m just learning to do that myself.

  2. Molly Says:

    Mops are exciting. Although, this is coming from a neat freak. I had the first Swiffer – the cheaper one that doesn’t squirt the solution. I liked it ok, but then the Swiffer Wet Jet came out, and I really really really wanted it! I held out for a long time and then splurged. And I love it. It also doesn’t leave your floors all wet, which I totally agree with you about…I hate waiting for them to dry b/c I want to put my rugs down again and have the house spick n’ span. It’s really sad how much I love my cleaning supplies…

  3. Andrea Says:

    I saw your title and it reminded me that I have been wanting to buy a libman mop! What a cool coincidence. We have a sponge mop and I hate it. When Brien mops he actually gets on his knees with a rag. Mopping wasn’t an issue for us until recently. Before the floors were refinished we couldn’t mop because there was bare wood. I bet that makes you feel good about having your girls on my floor that hadn’t been mopped for 8 months and had yucky carpet on it before that. (BTW I can’t let anyone eat off our floor, too great a risk of dog hair.)