Scott Wedding Pictures

I figured out that I can only upload five pictures at a time, but I can put more than that in a single posting.
So anyways here are pictures from Scott and Fallon’s wedding.

Jon doctored this photo. This is before the wedding and we just loved it.

Andrea helping Mom. Kerrianne is at the end of the table.
Scott giving his vows.
They are now Mr. and Mrs. Scott R. Harvey

Scott is never serious.:) Here is a picture of Carolyn.
Judy holding Eden. Julie holding Adrienne.
Here is the only picture I got of Adrienne, sorry it’s not more flattering.
Us with the bride and groom.
Cutting the cake. My mom made it.
My camera was going weird, so I didn’t gett good pictures of them feeding it to one another. But Fallon did spread a little on Scott’s face.

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