Where’d the day go?

Yesterday was a day that I got very little done.
I had nursery duty yesterday so I was with Eden and her class from 10-12.
Then our activity that goes on the first Thursday of the month, so I got home around one.
Naia only took a short nap, so she was awake enough that when I got home I got the girls fed and Naia fed. Then I did my Halloween post.
We called my parents house and the girls sang Happy Birthday to the machine for my dad’s birthday.
Then it was time for naps.
Eden went down and then Naia was already falling asleep.
I’m not sure what I did with the time before Lilah’s nap.
I may have been on-line.
I got Lilah down for her nap and took about a 15 minute one myself. (It’s now about 4:30)
I started getting our mountain of dishes in the dishwasher, then Julie came to get her sleeping Naia.
I finished dishes. Started dinner and then well, entertained Eden a little by watching Nemo.
Jon came home.
We ate.
I studied my lesson for Sunday.
The girls finished Nemo while I studied.
The girls were ornery as I watched a little bit of Ugly Betty.
Got the girls to bed.
Watched TV and ate lots of Halloween candy.
Did stuff on the computer.
Went to bed late.

What I need to get done.
My lesson foremost, so if Jon needs the computer I can oblige since he has a test on Monday.
Fold two baskets of laundry that I should have been folding instead of eating candy last night.
A shower would be nice.
Maybe some cleaning.
It’s already almost 10 and I fell like I’m not gonna get anything done except my lesson.
Hopefully I can shower.

A shower would be really nice.

One Response to “Where’d the day go?”

  1. Andrea Says:

    A shower would be good, I can smell you over here. Oh, wait, maybe that’s me.