My lesson is done. It’s a short one so I hope we have a  long testimony meeting tomorrow.
I did shower. My hair was just too yucky to wait another day.
No laundry is folded.
Jon is staying late at the office so he can study. We have too small of a house and no where nice to concentrate.
I might do dishes.
I think we’re gonna have cereal for dinner because I don’t feel like cooking, and I can’t just run and get something unless I bring two girls.

I hope to clean our front driveway. We have no yard, just a driveway. That is covered with pine needles and trash that has blown in.
Maybe I’ll also clean out the inside of one of our cars.
I’m gonna go for the Subaru if I do clean a car. Just because it has never been vacuumed in our entire marriage. Well, maybe once right after we were married, but it is so yucky inside it. After being in my mostly clean car- it is getting pretty crumby in the Toyota, I get a slight ick factor when driving the Subaru and it’s our car! I’d hate to know how other people feel when they’ve had to ride in it.
Sue definitely needs to get some TLC.

(Sue is the name Jon has given the Subaru, very inventive I know. I have yet to name my car. The only car that ever had a name in my family was my father’s green jeep that was named Norman Greenbomb. It may have had another name in there too. )

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