Not much…

… has been going on.

On Saturday I took the girls with me to my parents so I could clean out the inside of Jon’s car. He needed to study and my dad has a shop-vac so it was able to suck up a lot of big things rather than me having to comb through the layer of stuff in the car before using my wimpy vacuum because we’re too cheap to go to a car wash station and use their vacuums. (We had an old sunscreen that started shedding and it looked like we had fish scales everywhere.)
My dad and brother both asked why I was cleaning out my husband’s car. I figured it was mine too not too long ago and if he doesn’t have the time to clean it, why shouldn’t I?

The one bad thing was his car doesn’t have AC, and it was still warm this Saturday, about 80 degrees and when you’re on the free way and the the sun is pounding down through the windows it can get a little uncomfortable, especially for two little girls.
The other part is it continually blows hot air into the car cabin and when going at high speeds the air flow is pretty strong.
We even went through car wash to help get the layer of dirt off the car, though the old bird poop is still on it. Oh well.
The carpet still has a lot of little things stuck to it but it’s look a lot better than what it was, just not as clean as I would have liked.
I guess it just taught me that I need to clean out my car regularly.

I also cleaned our driveway and we went to a work party for Jon. It was fun. I was the only other spouse or significant other there besides the host and his wife and one other husband. His boss told Jon he had to come and bring the family so our kids could play with his kids. His daughter is 5 and the son is 3. Eden played nicely but it took a little bit for Lilah to warm up once we got there. (I had a baptism to go to so Lilah came with me and we got there a little late.)

It was a fun night and I liked talking with Jon’s co-workers, even though I fell that I have very little in common with most of them. (His boss is the only one with kids and the others co-workers all have dogs, and we don’t and I know very little about dogs. I’m also just not sure what we have in common. I think my age makes me a little shy and the fact that I’ve never worked in an actual career.)

Saturday night Lilah had a terrible cough. She came and lied with us for a while but we put her back in her bed with my pillow as extra support because Jon needed rest so he could study the next day and I needed rest because I would be teaching. She was exhausted and didn’t wake up til 9:30am, which was really 10:30 am since it was daylight savings. Of course she also didn’t get to bed until almost 10 pm.
I felt bad that her other sunbeam had to be by himself for two weeks in a row, though they’re moving at the end of the month so Lilah will have about a month as the only sunbeam and next year she will probably be combined with another class.

I’m now just trying to focus on Enrichment which is this Thursday. I have a powerpoint I need to create, but I’ve been procrastinating by talking with my sister Andrea and my friend Anna will be coming over for lunch. I know what I need to do, but I also need to start it with minimal interruptions so I don’t lose any steps while creating the powerpoint.

Ah life.

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  1. Jonathan Blake Says:

    Eden needed some time to warm up too. You weren’t there yet, but Eden felt a bit intimidated at first by all the new people and all the attention (especially from the five-year-old daughter who liked to pinch her cheeks).