Break in

So I’m still steaming over this. Sunday while we were at church someone either just had the intention of vandalizing our car, or someone tried to break in and steal our car. Both of our locks had been tampered with and we weren’t able to use our key to get in. Luckily a man in the ward just took a screwdriver, and since the locks were messed up anyways, he just popped the stuff back into place and now we can use our keys in the locks, they’re just a little hard to use. It just ticks me off that someone would want to vandalize or steal a beat up two door Subaru that has a two car seats in the back, at a church!! It’s obviously a family car! But as Jon said, people who steal have no respect for anyone, whether it be a small family or an individual. It was frustrating and emotional. Everyone around us had left, so we don’t think anyone else was affected, but who knows. It just makes me really upset. Subaru’s are not a a highly broken into or stolen car, so we don’t know why they’d want it. Or why someone would just vandalize our car, but they must have been trying to steal it because they could have just broken windows or something to vandalize it. Anyways that was part of our Sunday. We also had Family Home Evening at my parents.

Today Scott, Fallon, Mom, and Dad all stopped by. Scott and Fallon leave tomorrow at midnight, so I probably won’t see them before they leave. I just can’t believe they’re gone so soon.
Lilah was emotional while they were here. I think she was overwhelmed and tired. She got no nap yesterday, it was hard to get her to bed last night and she woke up earlier then I wanted her to. She also seems to get overwhelmed at her own house more than other places. Maybe because they’re invading her space. She was just touchy, so I feel bad that she was not giving them hugs before they left, but she did wave and blew a few kisses.

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